A Word About Nancy Krebs:

In a previous post I discussed the murder of six year old JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado and I named as the prime suspect in that murder a man named Fleet White Sr. who I suspect of being a prominent Satanist in 1996 when this murder took place.  In this post I want to do more research into the background of this mystery man Fleet White Sr. and this brings us to the case of Nancy Krebs.

Nancy Krebs was a witness who came forward during the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation to provide important evidence in this case that pointed to my prime suspect, Fleet White Sr.  

Redacted Interview transcripts between Nancy Krebs and Boulder CO officials:


Here are some relevant facts from her testimony to the Boulder CO Police Department.  Her comments are in black.  My commentary is in Blue to distinguish it.

Nancy Krebs described years of sexual and physical abuse in California homes at the hands of adults who stayed at holiday and other parties after other guests had left for the evening. Then, she said, another \”party,\” one of sexual abuse for the gratification of a select group of adults, would begin.  Compare this to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  There was a Christmas Party held at the Fleet White Jr. residence on December 25, 1996.  After that party a different party happened which was a Sex party where JonBenet Ramsey was abused.  It was during this sex party late at night on 12-25-1996 or in the early morning hours of 12-26-1996 that JonBenet Ramsey was killed.

In talking to detectives, the woman draws parallels between sexual techniques used at these sessions and the physical evidence of garroting that investigators found on the body of JonBenét Ramsey. The woman told detectives she believes JonBenét was killed accidentally when an asphyxiation technique used to stimulate an orgasmic response during a child sex and porno \”party\” went too far. The woman told police she knows firsthand about asphyxiation (choking) to produce a sexual response because it had been done to her when she was a child. 

The woman said in her experience little girls were dressed provocatively and trained to say provocative things, such as, \”It\’s a pleasure to please you.\”  It is my contention that JonBenet Ramsey was a child who had been trained from an early age to be a sex toy for adults and that her training and sexual use directly involved Satanism which both the Fleet White Family and the John Ramsey family were both involved with. Both families were Satanist families using their children in Rituals and sex abuse activities.   It is my contention that Burke Ramsey and the White Children were also used in cult activities.

She told police that when girls did not perform as expected, they were struck on the head. That was because their hair covered the wound. IMO this may have led to the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  

A big night for such \”parties\” was Christmas night, she said. 

Nancy Krebs accused Fleet White\’s 80 year old father of killing JonBenet Ramsey. 

Nancy Krebs claimed that John Ramsey watched and videotaped the murder of his daughter by Fleet White Sr.  I find this credible.  In a previous post discussing the JonBenet Ramsey murder I offered an alternate explanation of events where JonBenet was purposely murdered as a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice at midnight on Christmas day.  I said that if this was the case then it is very likely a snuff film was made of the murder and distributed among wealthy Satanists.  I also said that John Ramsey was a Satanist who was knowingly allowing his daughter to be abused by wealthy Satanists in Boulder, CO.  So it is credible to believe that he would be part of his daughter\’s murder. 

Nancy Krebs knew the Fleet White Sr. Family in California.  She knew about Fleet White Jr. when he was young.  Before Fleet White Jr. moved to Boulder, CO he lived in California.  Fleet White Sr. was from California. 

What Nancy Krebs was describing to the Boulder CO authorities was Inter-generational Satanic families involved in incest and Satanic ritual sexual abuse.  These families are connected and go way back.  Nancy Kreb\’s family was one of these families.  Fleet White\’s family was one of these families.  Patsy Ramsey\’s family was one of these families.  It is very important to understand this.  

Nancy Krebs said that her family and the White family would primarily meet during Holidays and that the Christmas Holiday was one of the most important times for them to meet.  Relate this information to the JBR murder.  Her murder happened during the Christmas 1996 holiday. 

Besides Christmas, another holiday that Nancy Krebs said was important to the Satanists and were times when they would meet is during Easter Holiday.  Note that both Christmas and Easter are important holidays in Christianity and I say that this is the exact reason why they are important holidays to Satanists to make a mockery of these Holidays and to turn them into evil things instead of good things. 

Nancy Krebs said that another time that these Satanist families would meet is during birthdays of the family members. 

Nancy Krebs said that Fleet White Sr. sexually assaulted her as a child when she was 3 or 4. This would be 1965 or 1966.  I say that Fleet White Sr. also sexually assaulted JBR.   JBR died as she was being sexually assaulted by Fleet White Sr. 

Nancy Krebs said the last time Fleet White Sr. sexually assaulted her was 1990.  This would make Nancy Krebs around 28 when she was last abused by Fleet White Sr.

Nancy Krebs said that Fleet White Jr. sexually assaulted her when Fleet White Jr. was 15 or 16 years old and Nancy Krebs was around 7 or 8 years old.  This would be 1969 or 1970.  Nancy Krebs said the last time Fleet White Jr. sexually assaulted her was between 1976 and 1978.  This would make Nancy Krebs around 15 or 16 when she was last abused by Fleet White Jr.  Nancy Krebs said the last time she saw Fleet White in California was in the mid 1980\’s, which would make her in her early 20\’s.

Nancy Krebs said that her parents both were aware that she was being sexually abused while she was a child. Compare this to the JBR case.  What I say is that John and Patsy Ramsey were aware that their daughter was being sexually abused by (many) people and were allowing it to happen.    

Nancy Krebs said that there were other people in the room when she was sexually abused by Fleet White Sr.  Compare this to the JBR case.  What I say is that Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing JBR in the presence of other people (those people including Fleet White Jr., John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey and others) and that JBR died during that abuse at Fleet White Sr.\’s house.

Nancy Krebs\’s Grandfather was a man named Gordon Christoff.  Gordon Christoff and Fleet White Sr. were close friends from school.  According to Nancy Krebs, it was Gordon Christoff and Fleet White Sr. who were the first ones to sexually abuse her together when Nancy Krebs was three years old, which would be 1965 or 1966.  Note that she says the two men were together when they sexually abused her.  This is important.

Fleet White Sr. offered Nancy Krebs a bribe of $75,000.00 not to reveal what she knew about Fleet White Sr in regards to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  This reveals that Fleet White Sr. was paranoid and worried that he would be revealed as the murderer of JBR and he was trying to make sure that he would not be exposed. 

Nancy Krebs said that the day after Christmas or the following day, (12-26-1996 or 12-27-1996) she got a call from her Mother about the JBR case.  Her mother said she had seen on the Extra TV program that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the murder of JBR.  I find this extremely interesting.  I have never seen anything on the news that even remotely suggests that Fleet White Sr was a suspect in this murder but, if this is true then it was on the news at one point and then the story was completely changed.  I have seen this kind of thing before, such as with the Oklahoma City Bombing.  In the Oklahoma City Bombing the televised news initially reported that multiple bombs had been found inside the building but later the news completely changed its story to focus entirely on Timothy McVeigh.  Its as if the news was being reported honestly at first and then someone corrupt completely changed the narrative.  I suspect the very same thing happened in the JBR case.  I suspect that Fleet White Sr. was initially a suspect and it was televised on the news and then later that story was completely changed.  I would like to get proof or evidence that this was broadcast on the news somewhere.  It would give great credibility to my case if this evidence could be found and shown here. 

After getting the call from her mother, Nancy Krebs received another phone call from her grandmother who told her that she very strongly believed that Fleet White Sr. was the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey.  She also said that Fleet White Sr. would never get caught.  Fleet White Sr. (now deceased) was some powerful well connected member of the Satanic Elite.  He would never get caught because his exposure would bring down the entire corrupt Cult that they were involved with.  This is the reason why the false crime scene was staged at the Ramsey house in the early morning hours of 12-16-1996 to hide his involvement.  

Nancy Krebs met Patsy Ramsey in Sacramento, California in the late 1970\’s.  This was before Patsy was married to or had even met John Ramsey.  She met Patsy during a Rainbow Girls Convention.

Regarding the Rainbow Girls, Nancy Krebs said that she was very high up in the Rainbow Girls. She said that she was in a part of the Rainbow Girls called Job\’s Daughters  I am very interested in learning more about the Rainbow Girls and especially about Job\’s Daughters.  I sense that they are somehow involved with something dark in the REAL WORLD regardless of what they appear to be in the FALSE WORLD.   What I already suspect is that these groups are involved in Family incest.  

Nancy Krebs says she met John Ramsey when she was a very small girl at Fleet White Sr\’s house in Huntington Beach CA., her Grandparent\’s house and other places. At the time, she called him \”Uncle Johnnie\”.  Nancy Krebs said that John Bennet Ramsey sexually abused her when she was a child and John Ramsey was a teenager around 16. 

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey prostituted her.  I say that John Ramsey was prostituting his daughter with Patsy Ramsey, JBR.  He was prostituting her to wealthy powerful individuals for money and influence. John Ramsey\’s success in business was largely due to what he was doing with JBR.  She was his personal meal ticket to success.  And notice after she died, John Ramsey lost everything.  

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey and others had filmed her in child pornography.  She said that bondage was a common theme of the child pornography she was used in.  She said Ropes, Chains, handcuffs, cords, pantyhose, scarves, etc. were used in the bondage pornography.  It is my belief that JBR was being filmed in similar child pornography and that bondage themes were also used in her pornography. 

Nancy Krebs said that Mackie Boykin would use strangulation on her as a means of inducing sexual arousal in the child as she was being sexually abused by somebody else.  Mackie Boykin died in November of 1996.  What Nancy Krebs said is that someone like Mackie Boykin was using strangulation on JonBenet as she was being sexually abused by Fleet Russell White Sr. but that this person was not as experienced as Mackie Boykin was.  This person accidentally strangled JBR to death and she could not be revived. One person was having sexual intercourse with JBR and another person was applying strangulation techniques to JBR as she was being abused. This sounds like the truth to me.  I Believe that Fleet Russell White Sr. was abusing JBR when the other unknown person applying strangulation techniques accidentally went too far and killed JBR.  

Nancy Krebs said it was an accident and not a purposeful murder/snuff of JBR.  She said that they did not want to kill JBR because she was making a lot of money for them.  

Nancy Krebs said they always filmed the sexual abuse of the children. For this reason, many pictures and videos of JBR being sexually abused exist and are in people\’s private collections.  Also a video was being taken of JBR when she was accidentally murdered.  The pornographic video of her sexual abuse became a snuff film.  That snuff film exists and has been distributed around to wealthy corrupt people.  Many people have copies of it in their private collections.  

Nancy Krebs said that her mother, Gwen Krebs, was in attendance at the Christmas day party at the White residence when JonBenet was abused and killed. 

A Deeper dive into Nancy Krebs (AKA Mystery Woman)

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  1. It is said that there are multiple levels of the dark web that go far beyond what can be accessed by the general public. I will say that I believe her death was filmed even though her death was accidental and that the snuff film was distributed to multiple people in the Satanist Establishment. It certainly is in private collections. Whether it is on the dark web somewhere I cannot say but such evidence can never be allowed to fall into the hands of the public because it would blow the case wide open and the Satanic Establishment have gone to a tremendous amount of trouble to cover it up. They never want the public to know what really happened.


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