More about Satanism in the Real World:

As I turn my attention to Satanism in the Real World I am becoming aware of certain themes that appear again and again when discussing Satanism.  I am a novice of Satanism seeking to understand what it really is.  This is one of my attempts at understanding.  These are common central themes that I have seen when reading about Satanist activity in the United States and the World.  I list them in no particular order.







Blackmail of Politicans and others to control them



Production and Distribution of Weapons and ammunition





Pornography (Production and Distribution) for Profit including Child Pornography

Prostitution for Profit including Child Prostitution

Snuff Films (Production and Distribution) for Profit

Drug Running for Profit

Gun Running for Profit

Organized Crime/Mafia

Mind Control



Assassination of anyone honest and not corrupt who gets in their way (Examples are JFK, RFK, MLK, etc.)

Slavery of all kinds

Gang Activity of all kinds

Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Sexual Perversion of all kinds

Again and again these common themes are seen whenever Satanism is examined.  If one wants to understand Satanism in the Real World, this is it.  Although it is a very unpleasant subject to look at, we need to understand Satanism if we want to know the truth about the world and in knowing the truth, find a solution for dealing with this great corruption that has taken over the U.S.A. and much of the world in secrecy.  We also need to discuss the Relationship between Satanism and Jews.  There is a Relationship between Satanists and Jews.  More to Come.

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