A Word about Satanist Infiltration of Organizations:

Satanists commonly infiltrate many different organizations to control them.  Infiltrated organizations include Law Enforcement organizations such as the FBI and Police Departments around the U.S.A. and also in many other countries around the world.  Religious organizations are also infiltrated and controlled such as the Catholic Church.

Satanists choose corrupt, morally compromised men and women to be in leadership positions of the organizations they infiltrate.  These men and women act as puppets for the Satanists. In terms of infiltrated Police Departments what you will often find is that the Chief of Police is corrupt and owned and acts as a buffer for the Satanists to prevent any of their activities from being exposed or investigated.

In terms of the Catholic Church, the current Pope (Pope Francis) is one of these morally compromised Satanists who does more harm than anyone else possibly could to the Catholic Church that has been infiltrated. Many of the other members of the leadership of the Catholic Church are the same way.  See the below image of two Satanists in the Catholic Church.  These are evil men who are puppets for their masters.  They do not serve God but Satan. 

These corrupt puppets for the Satanists are rewarded with large salaries and other perks that go with being a puppet.  For example, if the puppet is a pedophile he may be offered the services of mind control child sex slaves to keep him happy, boy or girl whichever he prefers.  If the puppet is a Homosexual he may be offered the services of Homosexual prostitutes free of charge to keep him happy.   

As an example, in the following picture is a corrupt, compromised Homosexual puppet kissing the head of his Satanist provided Perk while the White House Press Corp watches in adoration:

As another example, in the following picture is a corrupt, compromised puppet in a sex act with one of his Satanist provided perks while the White House Press Corp watches in adoration and takes photographs of it:

A word about the White House Press Corp as seen in the above two pictures.  The White House Press Corp is compromised and Satanist owned so members of it will never reveal what they see the Presidential puppet do while in office. It is very likely that these members of the White House Press  Corp are also blackmailed to control them but somehow the above picture got leaked.

In the following picture can be seen this same puppet with a different Satanist provided perk, this time in the Oval Office of the White House:

Often pictures of the puppet in morally compromising positions are taken and stored as digital images to be used as blackmail material just in case one of their puppets ever gets a conscience about what they are doing and tries to do the right thing instead of what the Satanists want.  If this ever happens, the blackmail material can be shown on the Jew/Satanist owned media and the puppet\’s career will be immediately destroyed and he will be removed from his position.  This blackmail material is what the Satanists use to guarantee compliance of their puppets.  Failure to cooperate with the Satanist agenda is fatal to the puppet\’s \”career\”.  Most all puppets are blackmailed this way even if they are completely willing to the Jewish/Satanist agenda.  

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