Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the JonBenet Ramsey murder:

Two Worlds Paradigm

FALSE WORLD EXPLANATION:  John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a Christmas Party at the Boulder CO home of Fleet Russell White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White. At around 8:30 to 9:00 PM the four members of the Ramsey family left the Fleet White Jr. residence to go back home, merrily passing out Christmas presents to neighbors along the way. After arriving at their home, they put JonBenet to bed sometime before midnight. JonBenet was murdered inside her home by an unknown person sometime late on December 25, 1996 or early in the morning hours of December 26, 1996. Who murdered Jon Benet inside her home is unknown to this day.  Some say that an unknown intruder snuck into the Ramsey home, murdered Jon Benet and then snuck out again. Others say that a member of the Ramsey family committed the murder inside the home.  Some say that John Ramsey was the murderer.  Others say Patsy Ramsey was the murderer.  Others say that Burke Ramsey was the murderer.  This murder remains unsolved to this day.  

REAL WORLD EXPLANATION:  John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a Christmas Party at the Boulder CO home of Fleet Russell White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White but instead of going home at around 8:30 or 9:00 PM they stayed at the White residence for another party, which was a sex party.  This is a party known as the party after the party. All four Ramseys were in attendance at this sex party.  Fleet Russell White Jr. and Priscilla White attended the sex party. Fleet Russell White Sr. and his wife Nyla White attended this sex party. Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter attended this sex party. Daphne White attended this sex party.  Other adults attended this sex party. 

Three young children were sexually abused by adults during this sex party:  JonBenet Ramsey (age 6), Gwen Krebs\’ granddaughter (age 5) and Daphne White (age 6).  

There are three possible scenarios that I see to explain he death of JonBenet at this party:

Scenario one: Fleet White Sr was sexually abusing JonBenet Ramsey. John Ramsey, who was JonBenet\’s father and handler was applying sexual asphyxiation techniques to his daughter to make her feel sexual arousal as she was being sexually abused. John Ramsey had learned these techniques from Macky Boykin through an earlier association with him.  Something went wrong as he was applying these techniques to his daughter and he unintentionally strangled her to death.

Scenario two: JonBenet did or said something to anger Fleet White Sr as he was sexually abusing her and he killed her by hitting her in the head so hard that her skull cracked open.  Maybe she started screaming and trying to get away which caused this reaction by Fleet White Sr.  He was hitting her in the head to try to control her but he hit her too hard and unintentionally cracked her skull open.

Scenario three: JonBenet\’s death was intentional.  Either it was a sacrifice that had been planned in advance and everyone knew about or JonBenet was purposely killed without her parents knowing in advance to punish John Ramsey for something he had done.  I have no idea what kind of transgression John might have committed to cause them to want to kill his daughter to punish him but I leave it open as a possibility. Maybe something concerning Access Graphics.

Following her death, JonBenet\’s dead body was transported from the Fleet Russell White Jr. home to the Ramsey residence where a fake crime scene was staged to make it appear as if the murder had taken place inside the Ramsey home.  

Jon Benet Ramsey, accidentally murdered inside the home of Fleet and Priscilla White:

The following are a list of relevant facts supporting this:

JonBenet Ramsey had been sexually abused by a lot of different people for years.  She was sexually abused by both members of her own family and by people outside of the family.  

John and Patsy Ramsey were allowing their daughter to be used by other people for sex.  JonBenet was being prostituted by her parents but mainly by her father, John Ramsey to friends, business associates and politicians in the Boulder, Colorado area as a favor or for money.

A hammer is used to control and manage children being sexually abused by adults.  They are hit in the head to correct them and make them obey because the hair hides any wounds caused by the hammer.  The hammer is used for control to force the child to do what the adult wants. But in this case, the hammer was used to hit JBR in the head so hard that it cracked her skull open.

Her death was unintentional but it happened while she was being sexually abused. Therefore the circumstances of her death had to be concealed and also the location of her death had to concealed. I refer to this as the cover up.  

A number of people came to the Ramsey home from the Fleet White Jr. residence in the early morning hours of 12-26-1996 to assist in the cover up and to stage a false crime scene at the Ramsey house. The staging of the Ramsey home was done by very intelligent but deceptive people for the purpose of pointing suspicion for the murder in as many different directions as possible but away from the truth. The Staging of the Ramsey home was a group effort to make it appear to be the crime scene. John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey, Fleet White Jr. and other people outside the family did the staging of the fake crime scene in the Ramsey home. John Ramsey made a slip once and he said \”There were a lot of people here at 3 in the morning\”.  I think this is the truth.  I think that a lot of people were at the Ramsey home in the early morning hours after the murder to help stage it as the crime scene.  

A story was concocted about an unknown intruder breaking into the Ramsey home and leaving a ransom note which Patsy Ramsey would then \”find\” after waking up.  In reality Patsy Ramsey never slept after returning to her home from the location where her daughter was killed outside the home.  She stayed up all night helping to stage the false crime scene, etc.  The fact that she was still wearing the same clothes as the night before supports this conclusion. 

Both the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder D.A\’s office assisted in the cover up, including the releasing of false information about the murder to conceal the truth from the public. 

Daphne White witnessed the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  Gwen Krebs\’s granddaughter witnessed the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  Burke Ramsey witnessed the death of his sister.

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  1. I have been reading over some of your posts of Reddit and I have some questions for you. I guess one of the first questions is how you come to have so much knowledge about this case?


  2. Long story short, I witnessed a murder in 2014. determined to right the wrong I felt on the inside for not acting when I heard someone in trouble, I dedicated my free time towards obtaining justice. I stumbled upon a rabbit hole, and noticed something pretty insane, and I began getting stalked by an individual who I found out was an underground printer during the days of occk. Looked into his history and he was near Boulder during jbr in Arvada. Compared cases noticed many parallels. Years and years of digging into the who and what and yeah, pretty much know what happened at this point. Disagree on some details like it not being Ramsey's house, from materials I was able to see during a small server downtime I believe that Jonbenet was killed in the basement, people shed an article of clothing and left it scattered randomly within the basement to make it appear too messy to navigate, that JBRs body was taken out of the house, but brought back into the house when Ramsey called in the ransom note (it's my belief the ransom note was left unknowingly at the house, causing the higher ups to believe Ramsey was getting cold feet or going off script, which resulted in his daughter being brought back in the house and him being set up.


  3. I saw through this case a long time ago when I was a member of a site called websleuths. Perhaps you have heard of it. I saw then that the murder happened outside the home and there was a cover up to stage a false alternate crime scene at the Ramsey home and I have only strengthened that conviction with additional evidence. Even though we disagree on this I am certain I will have a lot of questions for you. I will probably ask those questions on Reddit since it is more convenient but you know Reddit is a controlled opposition web site so some topics may be off limits there. I look forward to corresponding with you further because I believe you can help me make sense of some things that are still a mystery to me.


  4. I always believed the crime scene wasn't in the home or the neighbors. There had to be massive blood from the crack the poor child had on her skull. No blood in the home?? was totally staged.


  5. I am interested in exchanging thoughts with you or anyone else about what I am saying here. I am not on FB and I do not want to communicate by email either. Perhaps we can find a better, more anonymous means of communication.


  6. I had read a lot about this murder. I have read about this murder on , A Candy Rose, Websleuths, and other places.I have read books and magazine articles too. I read on A Candy Rose, ( I believe), that when they got home that night after the dinner, Patsy had sent JonBenett back out with two photographers for a late night photoshoot.And seeing there was no blood found in the home- and yet her skull was spilt wide open, and that she was seriously tortured and no one heard any screaming except for one scream around midnight (which could have been Patsy when ‘The Photographers’ brought JonBenett back in) I also believe the murder happened somewhere else. And it was staged in the Ramsey house.


  7. Previously I believed that the cause of death was strangulation and that the head wound was part of the staged cover up at the Ramsey house but now I believe that the head wound was the real cause of death and if so there was a lot of blood from the head wound at the real crime scene which had to be cleaned up. This was at the residence of Fleet and Priscilla White.


  8. I am afraid you do not have it right when you say when they got home that night. The truth is that JonBenet never got home that night alive. She went to the Christmas Party at the Whites early on 12-25-1996 and she stayed at that location until her death. Her body was brought back dead from that location to her house. That is the truth.


  9. Patsy Ramsey was at the earlier Christmas Party at the White residence. None of the Ramsey family left the house after the Christmas party so they were all there during the sex party, including Patsy. IMO the entire Ramsey family was part of a Satanic cult so of course Patsy would be there.


  10. I just wonder what the scream was about that was heard by neighbours at 2am. I have no doubt Patsy was part of the cult. I had already figured her family were freemasons, and the pageant thing was a way to set up Freemason daughters with other Freemasons. The inter generational mind control is also something I worked out too… In fact reading everything on this blog is like reading my own conclusions. I am so glad you have put this together! Thank you!


  11. No doubt in my mind the murder happened at the White's residence. JBR was undoubtedly abused in her home, but I don't believe she was killed there. I am curious to see photos of the Christmas party. To clarify, it was held on Christmas evening, not on the 23rd as some articles say?


  12. But it's a lot easier to \”accidentally\” kill someone with strangulation than \”accidentally\” club them on the head. Also in the police photos the torch light was placed in an obvious position as if to say \”look at me! I'm the murder weapon\”. The torch also has NO fingerprints on it, just like the ransom note. I think you had it right the first time. She was killed by strangulation and the head wound was just a way of adding more confusion to the death. I believe there is a high possibility that there is actual footage of her murder, although it would be near impossible to get hold of (not to mention illegal to watch). I am so glad you uncovered Access Graphics as a cover business as I had worked this out myself and its assuring to get confirmation on my findings. Do you know of any photos of the White's Christmas party? There is only one I can find which always gave me the creeps. The one where her pupils are dilated and she's wearing white shirt and black vest, same hair clip as when she was found dead. There is also a suspicious looking turquoise colour above her head that looks like something was edited out. Evidence maybe? On a YouTube channel called \”Rocket Science Crime\” the narrator talks about this photo being odd but leaves it to the viewer to figure out. I always felt there was something about that photo. I am highly intuitive. I dont like the word \”psychic\” as it's phonetically parasitic, but while we are on this subject, 2 world renowned psychics ; one called Sloan Bella , the other called Megan Rose, BOTH have eerily similar accounts of channelling Jonbenet. Please check them out. Both of them say she was not killed inside the Ramsey home but somewhere else in Boulder. JonBenet does not answer who killed her. But they confirm everything you have uncovered. Although I am HIGHLY skeptical of clairvoyance, these two have stories that are too similar to ignore. Listen to them before ruling them out please .


  13. You certainly cannot accept everything as fact that has been released to the public about this case. A lot of disinformation has been released to the public to support a false timeline of events and I include the alleged scream heard by a neighbor in that. No scream could have been heard because JonBenet was dead by the time she was brought back to her house. The scream is a lie to give the false impression that JonBenet was killed at her home. She wasn't.


  14. There is doubt in my mind about where the murder happened. See this post: To my knowledge, no photos have ever been released to the public from this Christmas party which is yet another reason to believe that the official story about it is a lie. There were two parties held on Christmas day, a Christmas party in the day time and a sex party in the night time. I have no information about the alleged party at the Ramsey house on the 23rd. I have never really seen that as being the truth. It seems like it is just a cover story.


  15. To my knowledge, no photos have ever been released to the public from the Christmas party at the White residence, which when you think about it is suspicious. Which photo do you allege came from the Christmas party at the White residence and how do you know it was taken there? Can you post a link to the photograph so I cam examine it? I do not believe in psychics or anything related to that.


  16. The photo of JBR in this video was taken at the White's Christmas party (I think) See the turquoise bit above her head. Do you think that looks like something was edited out? Doesn't look original to me. Note she is wearing same hair clip she was wearing after death. Apparently it's the last photo ever taken.


  17. First of all, I do not believe what people say to be the truth especially regarding this case. Just because someone says this is the last photo of JBR does not make that true. Disinformation abounds in this case. I do not know where this photo was taken but when I see it I immediately think that JBR is being photographed or filmed as she is, I hate to be crude, giving oral sex to an adult. Her facial expression says that to me. I could be wrong but that is what I get from it. I see what you mean about the turquoise above her head. It does look edited out. I cannot see the hair clip that you mean. But what makes you think, other than the claim, that it was the last photo taken of JBR? Are there any other photos that you know of taken around this same time and location?


  18. It does not take a psychic to know she was not killed in her home. I am not a psychic and I deduced that years ago before I even heard about Nancy Krebs. Suspicious minds who expect deception can easily see through to the truth and it does not take a psychic but who knows. I saw the picture now I agree that it could actually be a photograph taken at the sex party but I doubt that they would release any evidence to the public from that party. I just do not know its source so I do not want to comment too much on it unless I know more about it.


  19. IMO there was no scream at all and that was just disinformation and part of the cover up to deceive the public. I guarantee you that Patsy was at that sex party and she knew her daughter was dead then. I am sure she screamed then at that location but she did not scream later at the Ramsey home. That is just a lie.


  20. I will give a timeline of exactly what occurred, knowing people that were there at the time who have recalled and shown to me parts of what occurred. In time I will explain my role in the cosmic play, so to speak. That time unfortunately is not yet here, though fast approaching. But in the sake of clarity, what occurred was this.John Ramsey brought his child down to the floor. He invited guests in, including cameramen. To the cameramen, he was asked \”do you know what we came here to do?\” and he said \”yes\”. Then he was asked \”and what is it?\” and he said \”to kill my daughter.\”Jonbenet was brought downstairs and fed the pineapple as a means of mitigating John's guilt for his role in her death. One last good thing he could give the child before she died. He gave her her favorite meal. She was taken downstairs, and the snuff began. There was a crowd of individuals there. The artist (perhaps in time i can discuss this further) was instructed to insert the paintbrush into her. He balled uncontrollably, transferring amylase and saliva to his hands. This got into Jonbenet through transfer. He could barely stick it into her. All of the individuals there were blackmailed. When the child was killed, Burke was upstairs at the time. Patsy and John were both downstairs. Everyone completed their tasks. The whole thing works like one giant first degree murder chain. weapon is passed from x to y. from y to z. z to a. all the way back to x. Many elements were brought into the scene of the crime and left there by perpetrators. The reason the basement footage looks so \”scattered' or as if its messy is because a whole lot of outer garments were shed that night. Everyone was instructed to lose a piece of clothing, which is how the santa suit ended up in the windowsill. There were sweaters and many other garments scattered about. All of it is outer wear. The basement was, if you pretend the clothes werent everywhere, actually incredibly easy to traverse, which is how a party full of individuals ended up watching, some outside the train room some in (train room was assembled back together after the show) and they watched as the man received the last of his items to kill her, but before proceeding he had one last question. He allowed Jonbenet to ask her father to not let him do this. Then he goes, well whats it gonna be, its up to you John', and John with Patsy next to him weeping said \”kill her\” and thats precisely what occurred, she was hit in the head and then held up like a marionette (the ropes were designed so she could be puppeted after death). Photos were taken of this and actually edited and \”Johns Favorite Picture\” of JBR posed next to the xmas tree actually is of Jonbenet dead (once you approach this picture as if its edited its so fucking ridiculously obvious its hard to wonder how the fuck this got into press). The materials gathered on everyone involved that night were then used to blackmail the entire local community and regional community, as well as certain aspects of the defense sectors. This helped push the network to the digital age with coverage from intelligence and defense sectors.


  21. You cannot post pics in comments but you can leave a link to an image in the comments. If you have a pic you want me to see then you can upload it and post the link here.


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