An Introduction to Operation Monarch and Monarch Programming:

In the previous post I discussed how Johnny Gosch was first abducted and then conditioned by his kidnappers to be a willing sex slave before being sold to a wealthy client for profit.  In this post I want to begin to discuss the conditioning.  A child cannot be delivered to a wealthy client to be used as a sex slave without first being conditioned or trained to be a sex slave.  How does this conditioning or Training take place?  

It takes place with a U.S. Government/CIA program called Monarch. Operation Monarch was started in the early 1960\’s. If you have ever heard of the term Monarch Programming, what it refers to is programming a person using drugs, torture and other mind control techniques to transform them into becoming sex slaves, assassins or anything else against their will.  It is a technique to forcibly condition a human being to do things that they would normally never do.

Why would anyone want to control another\’s mind?

A person who is programmed, but unaware of this fact, can be made to do many dangerous or illegal things. Such people make perfect spies, for example, because they are unable to reveal their mission if captured. They simply don\’t know what they did, or were supposed to do, and cannot give any information. They would also make good assassins, drug runners, money launderers, sexual slaves for prostitution, pornography, or blackmail, etc. – anything that requires secrecy.

Note that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been heavily involved in mind control programming and the training of children to be sex slaves The CIA creates fronts and some of those fronts, are elaborate, well-staffed, well-equipped Monarch programming sites.

The Monarch mind-control experiments and operations have taken place at the following locations: Cornell, Duke, Princeton, UCLA, University of Rochester, MIT, Georgetown University Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Washington D.C.), Bell Laboratories, Stanford Research Institute, Westinghouse Friendship Laboratories, General Electric, ARCO and Manking Research Unlimited. China Lake Naval Weapons Center, The Presidio, Ft. Dietrick, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Lewis, Ft. Hood, Redstone Arsenal, Offutt AFB, Patrick AFB, McClellan AFB, MacDill AFB, Kirkland AFB, Nellis AFB, Homestead AFB, Grissom AFB, Maxwell AFB and Tinker AFB. Langley Research Center, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Tavistock Institute and areas in or by Mt. Shasta, CA, Lampe, MO and Las Vegas, NV.  NASA facilities such as in Huntsville, Alabama. Many State mental hospitals. McGill Psychiatric Training Network consisting of 8 Montreal hospitals especially St. Mary’s.  The Mormon Church. National Security Agency (NSA). Disney World. Utah State Mental Hospital. Boy and Girl Scout Camps. A big Church in Greensboro, NC.  A desert site near Tuscon, Arizona.  Hotels in New Orleans. Lockheed-Martin.

A network of daycare centers has been established worldwide by the Illuminati’s Network for the programming and recruiting of children.

Satanists and foreign governments have also been using mind control completely outside the control of the CIA. Here is what I think about that.  I think the CIA developed the mind control technology used to program people to do things against their will and then the CIA exported that technology to other governments and non governments.  The CIA may act as an advisor to other governments or non governments who are using this technology.  

Regarding MK-Ultra programming, I suspect that this mind control programming was originally developed in Nazi Germany during WW2 and then after the war the Germans who were involved in that research were recruited by the CIA where the mind control programming techniques they initiated were advanced and refined. 

Infants and children are programmed for sexual abuse.  Family, friends and Neighbors often take part in the sexual abuse of the child.

Frequently children chosen for sexual programming come from families associated with government or military intelligence agencies.

Mind Control can involve many things, including:


Threats to kill something a child loves if they refuse to cooperate or if they tell.

Threats to Torture the child if the child refuses to cooperate or if they tell

Threats to kill the child if the child refuse to cooperate or if they tell

Killing Babies and other children in front of a child to threaten and traumatize them

Monarch Programming subjects are used mainly for covert operations, prostitution and pornography; involvement in the entertainment industry is notable. 

Categories of Monarch Programming:

ALPHA. General Programming.  The first programming put in which is a foundation for other more specific types of programming.

BETA. Sexual Programming. For example, how to perform oral sex in a certain way, how to perform sex in rituals, having to do with producing child pornography, directing child pornography, or prostitution. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “cat” alters may come out at this level.

DELTA. This is known as “killer” programming or assassination programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level. 

GAMMA. System Protection and Deception Programming. 

OMEGA. Self injury programming and suicide programming. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.” The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and too much memory is being recovered. Identified suicide methodologies have included: shooting, hanging, cutting, stabbing, poisoning, overdosing, auto “accidents,” leaping from buildings, starvation, etc.

THETA. Thetas are called psychic killers, including their ability to psychically cause somebody to develop a brain aneurysm and die.

ZETA.  Production of Snuff films.

Reporting programs. Victims are conditioned to routinely contact and report back to the cult. These programs may be time-triggered (every month, full moon, etc.), date-triggered (i.e., corresponding to cult “holidays”, etc.), or situationally triggered (i.e., host personality enters therapy, reveals cult “secrets,” etc.).

Method and Components:

The initial process begins with creating dissociation within the subject, usually occurring from the time of birth to about six years. This is primarily achieved through the use of electroshock (ECT) and is at times performed even when the child is in the mother’s womb. Due to the severe trauma induced through ECT, sexual abuse and other methods, the mind splits off into alternate personalities from the core. Formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, it is presently recognized as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the basis for MONARCH programming.
A basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electroshock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create MPD in the creation of the slave, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electroshock tortures to their entire bodies. 
A person who has gone through Monarch Programming is referred to as a Monarch Slave because they do not have control over themselves.  
The Monarch trained Slave is owned by one or more people.  People in the Illuminati, even some of the neophytes at the lowest levels are allowed the of privilege of owning a Monarch slave. The Slave owner is usually also the Handler (see the next paragraph).
The Monarch Slave usually has one or more people controlling them referred to as the Slave\’s Handlers.  Usually a Slave has a single primary handler at a time.  A Handler may be replaced with another handler for example when a trained child sex slave is purchased from its original owner.   
An owner/handler of a slave will ordinarily carry a stun gun (up to 200,000 volts DC) to erase the memory of his slave, and they will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all their own slave\’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs.  All this will fit into a briefcase. 
Purposes of Monarch Slaves:
Sex Slaves. Children and adults are programmed to be sex slaves. This is a very common use of Monarch Programming.  Beta Programming is used for this.
Prostitution. Children and adults are programmed to be prostitutes to make money for their handler or for the Cult they belong to.  This is a very common usage of Monarch Programming since it is very profitable.  Beta Programming is used for this.
Pornography.  Children and adults are programmed to be used in pornography to make money for their handler or the Cult they belong to since it is very profitable.  Beta Programming is used for this.
Entertainment Industry. Slaves are used in the regular entertainment industry because they have no moral barriers to orders and because they have photographic memories to learn their lines.
Sports. Slaves are used in professional, college and high school sports, such as baseball and basketball.
Military. Slaves are used in the military as hard core soldiers. And they can\’t be beat for Suicide Missions.
Intelligence. Slaves are used by Intelligence Agencies as Spies. 
Drug Running.  Slaves are used by Cults and Cartels to run drugs from one location to another.
Money Laundering.  Slaves are used by organized crime and cults to launder money.
Gun Control.  The slaves are also good for shooting up people and places to insure stiff anti-gun legislation is enacted and that the public is scared and dysfunctional.
Presidential Models.  Some Monarch trained sex slaves (children or adults) are used by U.S. Presidents. These are referred to as Presidential Models. An example of a Presidential Model is Marilyn Monroe who was used by President John F. Kennedy.
President Obama being serviced by a Monarch Presidential Model child sex slave:

Assassinations and Murders.  Many of the random killings, assassinations, and murders actually caused by Monarch programmed people.  For example, Sirhan Sirhan was trained by the CIA using mind control to assassinate Robert F. Kennedy.
Basics of Monarch Programming:
In Monarch Programming there is a core and then there are parts which are layered on top of the core.  The more commonly used parts have names associated with them.  Lesser used parts may be unnamed or accessed by number or by specific triggers. Specific Named Parts that may be encountered are as follows:
Wisdom:  Wisdom is part of the Cabalistic Tree.
Non government entities that have been and are currently involved in Mind Control are:

1) Satanists.

2) Organized Crime (Mafia)

Slaves have to come in to the \”SHOP\” periodically to have certain maintenance programs renewed to maintain the power of the programming.  Most slaves that are being used in operations come in at a minimum every 2-3 years.

It has been said that children who have been trained to be child sex slaves using mind control programming are bought and sold at secret auctions.  Elitists in the market attend auctions that appear at first like children\’s fashion shows and then progress to striptease acts.

There are various specialized types of Monarch Programming such as Alice in Wonderland Programming and Wizard of Oz Programming.  

Some Notable Monarch Slaves

Candy Jones, 1940\’s Model:

Marilyn Monroe, Presidential Model Sex Slave to John F. Kennedy:

Sirhan Sirhan, CIA trained assassin of Robert F. Kennedy:

Mark Chapman, Mind controlled assassin of John Lennon:

Charles Manson, Monarch mind control victim:

The following is a list of some Monarch Mind Control Programmers.

Colonel John Alexander:

Michael Aquino:

Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron:

G. H. Estabrooks, PH.D.:

Dr. John W. Gittinger:

Sidney Gottlieb:

Bob Hope:

Kris Kristofferson:

Joseph Mengele:

William Sargant:

Dr. Louis Joyon \”Jolly\” West:


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  1. I would like to hear more about your experience(s). I don't know how you would get that information to me but if you can put it on the internet somewhere and send me a link to it then I would be interested in hearing your story. I glean the truth from hearing about the experiences of survivors of this mind control programming.


  2. Love your site. Pack with information for those who want to know why our world is in the condition it is in.


  3. Is Marilyn Monroe really a sex slave of JFK? Did JFK really accept her as his sex slave? Or is this just another disinformation to paint a bad image of JFK (a President who is Jew's enemy)?


  4. No. The idea of Marilyn Monroe being a sex slave of JFK is disinformation. There is no truth to that as far as I am concerned. IMO Jews spread such filthy rumors in order to discredit and besmirch the reputation of JFK who was an honorable man. He was a thousand times more honorable than his evil wife, Jackie. Jews love to spread filthy rumors about their enemies. Many similar false rumors were spread about Adolf Hitler, as I am sure you can imagine. So much disinformation has been spread about Hitler by the Jews that its difficult even for me to figure out who Hitler really was. But anyone who is against the Jews as Hitler was had to have been a good man for that reason alone. Hitler saw the Jewish problem and he freed his country from it, at least for awhile. For that he has my respect.


  5. So you posted disinformation about Marilyn Moroe and JFK. However, when you migrate this blog, I hope you keep all the posts that you consider you are deceived by disinformation agents because of good reasons. First, the disinformation posts maybe still have some truths in them. Second, it is for people to know the experience that you have in the diary documentary of your truth-seeking journey so that people can improve their ability to know which are truths from the forest of disinformation.


  6. Where did I post disinformation about MM and JFK? You misuse the word disinformation IMO. Disinformation as defined by me is purposely telling lies. Misinformation is saying things that are not correct but that are believed to be correct by the person saying them. So a disinformation agent is never an honest person making a mistake but a dishonest shill. If I make a mistake in anything I say on this blog based upon my own belief (or because I have been deceived) then I consider that misinformation. The basic honesty of the person must always be considered.


  7. Bro, it is not anywhere but right above. It is on this post. You wrote in this post: Marilyn Monroe, Presidential Model Sex Slave to John F. Kennedy


  8. Oh, I see what you are referring to now. Yes, although I made that post it is what I consider to be disinformation at this point. I can be deceived by reading disinformation from others and believing it. So even though I said that, I do not believe that to be the truth. I think that a lot of lies and disinformation has been spread about JFK by the Jews to slander him because JFK was an enemy of the Jews. This is what Jews do to their enemies, which is to tell lies about them. Adolf Hitler was the most lied about man though.


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