Was Jackie Kennedy programmed by the CIA to kill JFK?

It is possible that Jackie Kennedy was programmed by the CIA using Monarch Delta Programming to assassinate her husband.  I know that the CIA was very heavily involved in the JFK assassination and that Jackie was the assassin.  Jackie may have been a mind control victim of the Central Intelligence Agency to train her to kill her husband and then to cause her to forget all about it.  I do not know if Jackie was brainwashed to kill JFK or if she did it knowingly and willingly as a Jew doing a big favor for the Jewish Nation.  Either way, Jackie killed JFK:  Either way, the CIA is guilty of HIGH TREASON in the death of the POTUS.  

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and want to thank you for this treasure trove of information. I am sad to hear it is coming to an end, but acknowledge that all good things must. Have you considered starting an account on Gab or telegram? Both places where your information will not be censored. Either way I thank you for the years of investment and research you have cultivated to uncover the truth.


  2. I am looking for a new home away from Google's reach but I want to make sure that I do not jump from the frying pan to the fire, if you catch my meaning. Jewish control of the world and especially of all major media (including internet media) is something I am very well aware of. So escaping Google does not mean escaping Jewish control. I will take my time in trying to find a new place to restart this Blog. I thank you for what you said. I really did create this blog to help awaken others and I think I have done that for some people.


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