A Word about the Treason of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

 It is my opinion that the evil, corrupt Jew owned CIA has taken control over America.  If one wants to point to a single organization within the U.S.A. that is most responsible for the huge fall of the USA it is the CIA.  This organization is corrupt to the core. 

The CIA has committed HIGH TREASON against the American people in the following incidents:

JFK Assassination (1963)

RFK Assassination (1968)

Apollo Moon landings Hoax (1969-73)

And MANY MANY others

For this reason the CIA is no longer fit to exist as an organization.  Following the Revolution to take back America which is coming, the CIA must be completely disbanded.  It is an evil organization that is corrupt to the core.  It can NEVER be reformed.  It must be permanently disbanded for the good of the entire world. 

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