More about the mysterious group called The Finders:

In the previous entry I posted a long introductory article about the Finders.  Everyone should read that article before reading this.  When I first heard about this case long ago it spiked my interest to learn what was really happening here and to find out more about it.  Unfortunately I could find out no more about it because the entire story got buried under a cloak of secrecy.  So nobody has talked about this case in any significant way since the time the Finders was originally discovered.  In this post I want to begin to talk about some insights I have had into this case and what it means.  IMO this is very significant because it exposes some deep dark secrets about the U.S. Establishment that the Establishment does not want to be known.  These are my own conclusions I have reached after a lot of dot connecting in other places. 

1) The Finders is/was a Front Organization.  In other words, it was an operation hidden behind a false front of a Cult led by Marion Pettite.  This Cult and everyone involved in it is merely a false front for what is really going on.  Remember the Two Worlds Paradigm.  In the FALSE WORLD the Cult is real and that is all there is and nothing is behind it.  In the REAL WORLD the Cult is just a facade for what is really going on and also to be blamed if anything came to light about its activities.  I am not interested in the Cult.  I am interested in the real operations that the Cult was hiding. 

2)  One of the operations that the Finders was involved in was to locate children for clients world wide.  Children would be photographed so they could be shown to perspective clients world wide and then if a perspective client expressed interest in any specific child then that child would be kidnapped and sold to the client for money.  Photographs.  Kidnapping.  Selling of children.  Now, before I go further I want to do an aside and mention what Photographer Rusty Nelson said in the Franklin Credit Union case.  Rusty Nelson said that Larry King and his associates would photograph kids and show them to wealthy people (the Elite) and asked them would you be interested in this one or that one or they next one.  And if they expressed an interest then they would basically snatch them.  In other words, Larry King and his associates were involved in the very same activities as the Finders.  Keep this in mind.  What this is really about is human trafficking of children for profit.  It is an organized crime activity. 

3)  Although the Finders is a fake Cult, it gives cover to a real Cult which is Satanism. Although I do not fully understand it, I comprehend that the operations that the Finders was involved in and gave cover to was a Satanist operation.  Satanism in the REAL WORLD is involved in the human trafficking of children for profit.  Satanism in the real world has much more to do with organized crime and corruption than it does about worshiping some entity called \”Satan\”.  It just uses that as a false cover for its real activities.  Satanism is involved with corruption and making profit for corrupt individuals.  Satanism is involved in any activity which it can profit off of.  Human Trafficking of children.  Trafficking in Drugs.  Trafficking in guns.  Trafficking in pornography and snuff films.  Its really about making as much money as possible for corrupt individuals in any way possible.  This corruption has found its way into the very heart of the U.S. Government.  

4)  All investigation of the \”Finders\” cult by the FBI, US Customs and local law enforcement was ordered stopped by the US Justice Department on the grounds of \”national security\”.  The U.S. Justice Department including the FBI are corrupt and in bed with the Snakes so it is no surprise that they would stop all legitimate investigations into this group\’s activities, many of which were clearly illegal according to U.S. Laws.  And the fact that they used the cloak of National Security to do this is very revealing about the corruption of the U.S. Government at its very heart. The fact that the U.S. Justice Department and the CIA both gave cover to this organization shows that Satanism has become infiltrated into the very heart of the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government has been infiltrated long ago and is totally corrupt.  All major institutions of the U.S. Government are corrupt.

5) Although the CIA claimed ownership of the Finders, I do not believe the CIA is really responsible for the Finders.  The CIA just claimed ownership of the group to prevent legitimate law enforcement from investigating it further.  Remember what I said about the CIA being a willing tool for the Snakes?  Well, in this they were being a tool for the Snakes who were actually behind the activities of the Finders. The Snakes are Satanists and the CIA is a treasonous organization that helps them.

6) Evidence of sacrificing of Goats was discovered in the Warehouse owned by the Finders.  Sacrificing Goats is a part of Judaism that goes way back. Sacrificing of Goats is also part of Satanism.  Again this link between Jews and Satanists. 

More to come.

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