A Word about Stanley Kubrick in Relationship to the Staged Apollo Moon Landings:

There is a Disinformation campaign that says Stanley Kubrick was behind the faked moon landings.  This is 100% disinformation to discredit the Truth with a Lie and to shift blame for the deception from the real perpetrators.  If Stanley Kubrick had any involvement at all in the staged moon landings it was to be an advisor to the CIA and the U.S. Government about how to stage it realistically after the success of his fim the previous year, 2001 a Space Odyssey.  Kubrick was a brilliant director no doubt who knew how to create 2001 a Space Odyssey to make it look realistic but he was NOT behind the moon landing Hoax.  The CIA and the U.S. Government and Jews were behind that Hoax.  Do not be deceived by this disinformation whenever you see it. 

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