I want to change the World and make it a better place for all of humanity.  I want all people to live in Truth and Freedom and Peace.  I am the enemy of the Snakes who currently control the world.  They are evil and they lie and deceive all the time. They will ALWAYS Lie and Deceive because that is their character.  That is who they are. My Goal is to completely destroy them with the truth and then go beyond that to transform the world back to the way it was meant to be.  The world has been hugely corrupted and perverted by these evil Snakes.   I want to first expose them.  Then I want to completely obliterate them from History.  Then I want to transform the world back to the way it would have been without the influence of these Evil corrupting Snakes.  I need everyone who is on the side of Truth and Justice and Peace and Freedom to join forces with me.  We can transform this world.  It is our combined destiny to change this world so that good conquers evil.  It starts with the Truth.  Truth is the medicine that heals a world corrupted with a cancer of lies and disinformation and every other form of corruption known to mankind.  Now is the time to change the world.  It has to be a joint effort of all good honest people against all evil corrupt people.  It\’s time to make a Stand.

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