A word about the web site called Stormfront:


Some of you may be aware of a website on the internet called Stormfront.  This is a web site that is really unique on the entire internet because you get to say whatever you want to about Jews there without the web site getting shut down by the Jews who control the internet.  The fact that you can openly trash Jews on this one web site but on no other web site on the internet without that web site getting shut down is but one indication that Stormfront is a Zionist owned controlled opposition web site.  
I have been a member of this web site in the past and while I appreciate being able to openly discuss the Jewish problem on this web site, I am not at all happy about the web site itself.  In my own personal experience of being a member there I realized that the web site is really filled with Jews and Shills of every kind.  There are some good people who are members there who tell the truth about Jews but there are also a tremendous amount of Shills and Jews and Trump supporters on the web site who completely ruin it as a web site for truth seekers.  For example,  at first I was not able to post the truth about Jackie killing JFK at all on that web site without one of the friendly moderators deleting my post and threatening me with banning.  But I persisted and got the truth in about Jackie killing JFK in through the back door by asking pointed questions about the assassination until someone else said Jackie killed JFK.  It was only then that I was able to talk about Jackie killing JFK on Stormfront but even then all my posts about it were either completely ignored or trivialized.  Its as if every shill on the web site managed to visit my posts.  These shills completely ignored my proof that Jackie killed JFK and just talked about JFK being anti Semitic.  These are Jewish shills on a Jewish controlled opposition web site called Stormfront.
In the case of the Apollo moon landings its even worse on Stormfront.  I tried to expose the Apollo moon landings as being a Zionist deception on Stormfront and its like the place exploded.  I got a PM from the Administrator of the web site saying that I could only say that in a special place on the web site and I was restricted from saying that anywhere else on Stormfront.  Can you believe it?  I refused to cooperate with that ridiculous censorship.  I just did not talk about the Apollo moon landing HOAX there but it is a Hoax.  It is a Zionist Hoax and Stormfront is a censoring Zionist owned web site that I want no part of.  I will not be returning there. It is beneath me to go back there. Outside of the posts about Jews which are for the most part truthful, it is not a truth seekers web site.  It is a Zionist owned controlled opposition web site.  Everyone who goes there needs to know this.

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