A word about the Apollo 11 Press conference:

By now everyone has seen the Press Conference of the three Apollo 11 Astronauts after their supposed return from the moon.  If you have not seen it, see it here:
Many people have remarked in the comments of that video about how ashamed and humiliated and uncomfortable these three men appear in this press conference.  As we now know these three men were involved in a major Hoax not just on the American people but the entire world.  This no doubt explains why they look so ashamed and awkward during this conference.  But what I want to talk about in this post is what their expressions reveal, which is that the Lie of the Apollo moon landings was concealed from these men by the U.S. Government until the last moment.  
I often wondered why these men look so ashamed in this conference if they knew all along it was a fraud.  I mean, if they knew all along it was a fraud then they would have had plenty of time to prepare for this press conference and they would not have looked the way they did during it.  The only conclusion I am able to reach is that these three Astronauts were deceived about the reality of the mission they were on until the last moment.  In other words, they believed they really were going to the moon until it was suddenly revealed to them at the last moment that they were not going to the moon but that it was going to be staged.  Who knows what excuse was given to them to make them go along with it.  Maybe they were told that we have to do this for the good of the country.  Who knows what was said to them.  But they were not told until the very last moment that it was not going to be real moon mission and this explains why these three men look so ashamed and guilty and awkward.  They were deceived about the mission until the last moment and then they felt compelled to go along with it.  And then they were thrust in front of the cameras at this press conference and were totally unprepared to make it seem realistic.  These men were clearly ashamed to be in front of the world lying for their government but they felt compelled to.  Also note that these three Astronauts resigned shortly after this, showing their complete disgust with the Lie that the U.S. Government had tricked them into being part of.   

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  1. For the longest time I believed it myself mainly because I wanted to believe it. It was incomprehensible to me that they would tell such a HUGE LIE to everyone with a straight face. But then 9-11 happened and I took the red pill. Once my eyes were opened to 9-11 they were open to this BIG LIE too. Now I see all the lies including Convid 19 that they are pushing like the shameless whores that they are 24-7.


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