A word about the Jewish Conspiracy to Rule the World:

A lot of the previous posts in this Blog are trees in a bigger forest.  I have described a lot of trees in this forest such as the Apollo Moon Landings HOAX, the 9-11 HOAX, the Sandy Hook School Shooting HOAX, the Jewish assassinations of JFK and RFK, etc.  I could keep making posts about the trees but I think it is important to see the forest that explains all the trees.  Everything I have talked about previously are just pieces in a bigger puzzle but in this post we are going to talk about the puzzle itself.  Before I begin this I want to stress that I am a complete novice on this subject.  I freely admit that.  Many others before me have tried to describe what I am about to say but this is my own understanding of it as well as I am able to currently comprehend what is really going on. I have very imperfect understanding of this subject but I think it is important to make a post like this about the bigger picture as I see it.
There is a Jewish Conspiracy to Rule the Entire World.
I do not understand this fully as I said but I comprehend that at some point in the past, Jews formed a plan that would allow them to control the whole world but in secret.  

How do Jews control the world?  In many different ways.  The following list are ways in which Jews control the world.  These are listed in no particular order and this list is by no means complete.  
Control of the Media.  Jews infiltrate, buy out, own and control the Media.  Media includes Television, radio, print (Newspapers, Magazines, books, etc.) and also the Internet.  What is the purpose for Jews controlling the media?  Information control.  Those who control the media control the perception of Truth.  Jews control the media to control what most people see as the truth. They also control the media for censorship purposes.  Jews censor the truth on the media that they own.  All those videos removed by Youtube and all the deleted comments are an example of that.  But the main thing that Jews censor on the media that they control is Truth about themselves.  Jews hide themselves and their true nature from an unsuspecting public.  This is part of the secrecy that I mentioned earlier.  I will be talking more about this in future posts.
Control of the Government or State.  Jews infiltrate and control entire Governments, such as the U.S. Government.  Of all the types of Governments in the world, Democratic forms of Government are the easiest for Jews to infiltrate and subvert.  Think about a healthy cell in a human body that is attacked by a malignant virus.  The virus purposely attacks the cell in such a way that it takes over the entire cell, diverting it from its original purpose and function and basically hijacking the cell to be a slave to the virus.  The cell then begins creating copies of the virus to spread to other cells.  The cell has been turned into a zombie for the virus.  The exact same concept applies to the Jewish infiltration of a Government like the U.S. Government.  In this way the Government serves the Jews who control it and completely stops serving the people who the Government is supposed to take care of.  This is what has happened to the U.S. Government.  The U.S. Government is now totally corrupt and Jew owned.  It is fit only for Revolution.

Control of Money.  Many other people have talked about the Jew owned banking system such as the Federal Reserve Bank so I do not need to say much about this here.  There is a lot of information about Jewish control of the money systems on the internet for anyone to find.

Telling Lies.  As Hitler and many other people have noted and said throughout History, Jews are the people of the Lie.  This Race prides itself in telling Lies in order to control others and to give themselves an unfair advantage in the world.  In this Blog I have wrote about some of their lies but that is just the beginning of a discussion of all the Jewish lies that have been propagated in the world.  I will be discussing more Jewish lies in future posts.

Staging Deceptions.  A deception is a Lie or Hoax.  Jewish control of the media and the state allows them to easily stage deceptions and pass them off as reality to a clueless population that generally has no idea that they are being deceived.  Convid 19/Corona Virus is the last deception that the Jews are spreading.
Murder/assassinations.  Jews kill people who they see as a threat to their control of the world.  President John F. Kennedy was murdered by Jews because Jews saw him as a threat to the direction that they wanted to take the USA and Israel and the entire world so they killed him and replaced him with a Zionist puppet, LBJ.  This is just one example of a Jewish murder.  Jews have murdered MANY people inside the U.S. and all over the world who they see as a threat to their control over the world.  I will list some of these murders in upcoming posts.
Blackmail.  Jews use Blackmail to control people and to get them to cooperate with whatever agendas the Jews want to promote.  Primarily Politicians are Blackmailed to control them but also people in business, industry and the military are blackmailed to control them.  In future posts I will be describing in detail how they blackmail people to cooperate with them.
Religion/Christianity.  One of the best ways to deceive someone is through Religion.  There is no doubt in my mind that Christianity is being used by Jews as a deception tool.  Jewish Supremacy and Israeli Supremacy are core tenets of Christianity.  It is one big brainwashing tool for the Goyim.  Although I was raised in a Christian background and have long believed in it, I have had to completely separate myself from it so I can view it objectively.  It is 100% being used as a deception tool to get non Jews to favor Jews and Israel and to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that Israel commits against the Palestinian people for example.  

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