As part of my exposure of the APOLLO MOON LANDINGS SHAMELESS FRAUD, I want to promote this video by Bart Sibrel.  Bart Sibrel is one of the original people who exposed this hoax so I must give a BIG THANKS to Bart Sibrel for his efforts in exposing the truth.  Watch the video because it contains smoking gun evidence of deception:

Go to 32:02 in this video to see the smoking gun evidence of deception.  Bad, bad bad bad.  Shameless.  A Cheap Trick.  A Hoax unworthy of a great nation like the USA. People should go in front of a firing squad for TREASON against the American people for this.  

This is the credibility of NASA and the entire U.S. Government:

Upon viewing this, this is what I have to say to NASA and the entire United States Government: You lying fucks. You Shamed us all with this cheap shameless Hoax. You committed TREASON against the American people. You all deserve to be shot in front a firing squad.  You dishonored the American people.  You are unworthy to continue to exist.  When the Revolution comes, heads are going to roll for this and all the other Lies you have told.  Its coming.

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