The Apollo Moon Landings are such a cheap shameless Hoax that I am very deeply ashamed of the United States.  For this Hoax alone the U.S. Government deserves to fall but there are so many other Hoaxes besides this one that the U.S. Government is involved in. Convid 19 is the latest ongoing Lie and Deception this Government is involved in pushing on the American people.  This Government deserves to fall because it has completely disrespected and shamelessly used the American people who have trusted it NOT to lie and deceive them.  The U.S. Government has committed HIGH TREASON against the American people by its deceptions.  There is only one possible Judgment to render against the U.S. Government:  A Full Scale Revolution against the Government by the American People to overthrow the current corrupt Government and to replace it with an honest one that does not lie to and deceive its own people.  I am 100% in favor of the overthrowing of this completely corrupt and dishonest U.S. Government. 

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