A word about the Big Lie:

The term Big Lie was coined by Adolf Hitler when talking about the Jewish Nation.  Here is the actual quote by Hitler where he discusses the Big Lie.  Click on the image so you can read it clearly:
Jews turn the truth about them that Hitler was trying to expose on its head by twisting the truth about this Hitler quote to imply that Hitler was talking about himself and his lies.  For example, if you do an image search on Hitler and \”Big Lie\” you will see a million results that say that Hitler was talking about himself lying.  You will not find one single image telling the truth.  This is because Jews control and manipulate the internet search engines to tell lies and suppress the actual truth in all cases, especially when something concerns them personally as this does. Jews turn Truth into Lies and Lies into \”Truth\”, especially when the Truth concerns them.  Its one of their basic MOs.  Jews have completely distorted the truth about Hitler about this and many other things but that is the subject of another post.  
What I wanted to do in this post is to talk about the Big Lie in relationship to the Apollo moon landings hoax.  If one wants a textbook example of the Big Lie, there is no better example of it than the Apollo moon landings.  This is one of many clues that Jews are behind the Apollo moon landings hoax. I am sure I will be talking more about the Jewish nature of the Apollo moon landings hoax in the near future.  Another textbook example of the Big Lie is 9-11.  Jews are behind all major deceptions like this.  And you can be 100% certain that Jews are behind the Convid 19 Hoax being propagated today, their Big Lie du jour.

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