A word about False Fronts:

Definition of a False Front:  A group or organization or entity (that may be real or may be fictional) that Jews hide behind.  People see the False Fronts (often they are purposely pointed to the False Fronts) but few people see the Jews behind them.
Jews love false fronts.  Jews love to create false fronts to hide behind and do their nefarious deeds behind the cloak of the false front.  Regular people who do not know any better see the false fronts and think they are real.  They put the blame for the evils of the world on the false front and do not even see the Jews hiding behind it.  It is important to understand that the Jews who control the world behind the scenes love secrecy and one of the primary means for them to attain that secrecy is by using False Fronts.  There are many many false fronts.  Sometimes you have multiple levels of false fronts that you have to see past before you can see the Jewish perpetrators at the center of it.   Now I am going to list some false fronts starting with some of the major ones.  I will add to the list from time to time as I see new false fronts. 
The Illuminati
The Jesuits
The Deep State
The Rothchild Family
George Soros
The Bilderburg group
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
The Reptilians 
The Men in Black
…. more to come….

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