Now I want to do a post about a topic that I came across a long time ago.  This is a very strange case but I believe it leads down several interesting rabbit holes that I want to explore further.  It is the case of Richard and Susan Hamlin of El Dorado, California.  Other people have covered this but I will want to go over it again because I think this case is very significant on several fronts.  

To get started, here are two links to articles about this story.  Its a long read but the story is a fascinating one.  I encourage you to read it and then later I will discuss some items of it that are of deep interest to me.
The following images lists the complaint made to the El Dorado County Sheriff\’s Office by Susan Hamlin.  Please click on each image to read it in detail:
In case you do not already comprehend it, Richard Hamlin is an innocent man who has been falsely prosecuted by a completely corrupt System.  I Believe a great injustice has been done to this man and that he should not be in prison at all.  Who will help me to seek justice for Richard Hamlin?  

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