A revisiting of the Two Worlds Paradigm:

One of the first posts I made on my Blog was an introduction to what I refer to as the Two Worlds Paradigm.  Here is a link to that post:
Nobody told me this.  I deduced it after a long hard look at the world and connecting dots from all over the place.  This is the only logical conclusion that can be reached about the world, which is that the world as presented to most people is entirely dishonest and fabricated and that there is another world, a real world, that never gets talked about because they do not want people to know anything about it.  They create a false world for people to believe in to hide the real world as it actually exists.  This sums up the Two Worlds Paradigm in a single sentence that anyone can understand. 

As a truth seeker, I see the real world better than ever before.  This Blog is filled with entries that give glimpses into the real world as I am able to comprehend it but I do not say that I see the real world clearly.  I only get glimpses into it.  Often it is only because of the lies they tell that I am able to see past the lies to the truth in those cases.  
But I do not see the real world clearly enough.  I just see glimpses into it when I focus on some aspect of it.  What I perceive about the real world though is that it is a very bad place.  Its a very ugly place where very bad people run the show and get away with all their crimes because they own the entire System.  Criminals run the show in the real world.  VERY BAD people run the world and this explains why the world is fucked up beyond recognition.  

There is only so much of the real world that I can take before I want to close my eyes and run away from it.  I see but I know there is so much more to see that I really do not want to see clearly for to see the real world clearly is a huge downer.  Its frightening.  Its depressing.  Its shocking.  Its very negative.  I feel a need to protect myself from too much knowledge of it lest I be brought down by that knowledge.  So I live in the false world but just take glimpses into the real world.  As I take those glimpses, I describe what I see in this Blog.  

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