In the previous post I discussed Satanism in the Real World.  In this post, I want to discuss the relationship between Satanism and Jews in the Real World. Here we are just asking questions. What is the relationship between Satanism in the Real World and Judaism in the Real World, if any?

Satanism in the real world is a violent, brutal way of life that appears to have no connection with Jews and Judaism but I believe that there must be a connection between the two.  Both exist side by side in the real world and they are not hostile to each other.  Both are somehow tied in and connected in to the power structures of the world.  Satanism and Judaism could not co exist peacefully in the Real World if there were not some connection or alliance between them.
Is there an Unholy alliance between Satanism and Judaism?
Do Satanism and Judaism worship the same entity or \”God\” but in completely different ways?
Are Satanism and Judaism two sides of the same coin?
Why is Judaism referred to as \”the Synagogue of Satan\” in the Christian Bible?
I do not know the answer to these questions but I believe that they are important questions to be asked and answered if one wants to understand the Real World.  

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