A word about NASA shills:

NASA shills are anyone who is purposely pushing NASA-related lies such as the Apollo moon landings.  A NASA shill does not have to work directly for NASA or the U.S. Government.  Anyone can be a NASA shill as long as they are willing to lie for NASA and the U.S. Government, usually for money.  Jews in Israel are perfect for this since lying to and deceiving non-Jews is part of their DNA, which is one reason why I have concluded that many of the NASA shills are from Israel.  The other reason is because I believe the Apollo moon landing hoax is a Zionist deception. Besides those NASA shills pushing the lies that NASA and the U.S. Government want them to push there are two other varieties of NASA shills who deserve special mention here:

The first are the shills who are pushing flat earth or that space is not real.  This is a discredit by association campaign by the Snakes to paint everyone who questions whether the Apollo moon landings were real as believing the earth is flat or space is not real.  You often find this type of NASA shill very willing to say that the Apollo missions were staged because the earth is flat or because space is not real.  Understand the tactic.  Of course these shills do not believe the ridiculousness they are spouting.  What they want to do is to convince anyone who is on the fence about the legitimacy of the Apollo moon landings that those who do not believe in it are lunatics who are completely detached from basic reality.  They want to turn off any truth seekers asking questions.  There are a whole lot of these NASA flat earth or space is not real shills on the Apollo moon landing videos on Youtube.  These are paid shills.

The second are shills who are saying that the Astronauts went to the moon and saw UFOs there and so that is why they stopped \”going to the moon\” or why the Astronauts act so strange in their press conferences.  Again, these shills do not believe this but they push this bullshit to make people who do not know any better believe that the moon missions were real. These are paid shills.

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