A word about Zionist Deceptions:

In this Blog I have talked about many incidents of deception including the Apollo moon landings, 9-11 and the Sandy Hook School shooting.  What I have not said and I want to say now is that all of these deceptions I have mentioned are not just deceptions but Zionist deceptions.  In each of these incidents, Zionists created and planned the deception and Zionists benefit in some significant ways from the deception.  After the planning of the deception comes the implementation of the deception.  For the implementation, Zionists are involved but also tools of Zionists are involved.  For example, non Jewish crisis actors are tools of Zionists who are willing to lie and deceive if they get paid well enough for it. Another example is corrupt government politicians who cooperate with a deception such as 9-11 (*cough* George W. Bush *cough*) and who use their political position to give the lie credibility.  I also speculate that some non Jews are blackmailed into being tools for Zionists and to cooperate in their lies and deceptions.  I will be talking more about this subject in the future but its important for everyone following what I am saying to understand that Zionists are behind all of these deceptions because it is my contention that Zionists rule the world behind the scenes.  Of all the rabbit holes I am trying to point people to, this is the deepest rabbit hole of all and it leads everywhere.  If you want to understand the deceptions and the assassinations such as the JFK assassination you have to go down this rabbit hole. This reveals a deep secret about the world that Jews have done everything in their power to conceal.  I invite you to go down this rabbit hole with me to see what secrets can be uncovered.  More to come.

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