In a previous post I mentioned a tactic I had become aware of that the Snakes use in an attempt to suppress forbidden content that gets posted on the internet so that if anyone searches for the forbidden content what they find instead is a lot of meaningless content that is totally unrelated to what they are looking for.  I knew I had seen this tactic used before and I remember where I had seen it.  In this post I am going to describe that.  There is a certain video on Youtube of an ex Satanist who describes her childhood experiences in Satanism.  I have no reason to doubt this woman\’s testimony however bizarre it may sound.  Here is the video:

I am not a believer in Satanism but I do get curious when I hear someone talking about it especially if they seem sincere as this woman is. At the first of the video she talks about being the Fifth bride of Satan. Later she talks about having Communion every day at the Satanic Church and says that consists of Blood and Urine and Semen and a Black Widow.  Knowing nothing about Satanism, I thought to do a search on these terms (Blood and Urine and Semen and a Black Widow) and it is then that I first discovered the tactic I previously mentioned.  If you do a search in Google for Blood Urine Semen Black Widow and look at your search results you will see what I mean.  Here is one of the pages that comes up.  
Click on the above image to see it in better detail. Notice that the content on the page has many of the exact same terms that the woman in the above video was discussing.  For example \”Fifth Bride of Satan\” and \”Blood, Urine, Semen and a Black Widow\”.  Notice the exact same terms used by the woman in the video are in this content.  What I am saying is that this is not a coincidence but is a purposeful misdirection, so that anyone searching to find out what these terms mean in reference to Satanism is going to find this Bullshit music group instead.  Its a way to hide something that they want hidden.  
As I said previously when you see this tactic being used, its for good reason.  If there were not something important to hide they would not bother to do things like this.  So there is something significant about these terms \”Fifth Bride of Satan\” and the Satanic communion using Blood, Urine, Semen and a Black Widow that they do not want people to know.  But the fact they they do not want me to know makes me want to know a thousand times more than I would have.  In fact, their attempts to hide the truth is like a magnet for me to hone in on it to discover what it is exactly they are trying to hide.  I am curious about this and I am going to look into it deeper.  I will post what I find here if anything but I can already tell you that no search engine is going to give me what I am looking for because they are not going to allow it.  This is hidden information for a reason.

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  1. some years ago you could access the zapruder film using google and see it as released by the federalies after they 'cleaned' it a bit though it was still obvious he was shot from the front. now when you look for it you get a new level of cleaning in which the exit of the bullet is removed and there's a spot of light in the front of jfk's head. 1984 is moving along w/o resistance that is effective so far.


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