A word about the Franklin Credit Union Scandal:

I feel compelled to make a post about what is known as the Franklin Credit Union Scandal.  A lot of other people have covered this incident and I do not want to cover the same old ground in this post.  What I want to do in this post is to get to the heart of the matter as I see it and go past all the details that keep people from seeing the forest for the trees.  Of course the Franklin Credit Union is the least important part of this story.  The credit union part of the scandal is just a false diversion from the real scandals involved in this.
Where to start?  I guess the best place to start is by posting links to the original April 2005 Rusty Nelson interview where he describes some very interesting things related to this incident. 
If you do not know who Rusty Nelson is, he was a photographer who found himself in the middle of this incident.  He was interviewed in April 2005 by Michael Corbin
Listen to what he says in this videos in full and then we will discuss some of the details mentioned in the video later.  His testimony is crucial to understand what really happened in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. 
I am not just assuming that everything this man says in this video is true but I want to examine some of the things he says in more detail to try to shed more illumination on them.  
Here are some key figures who are alleged to play roles in this scandal:
Rusty Nelson, Photographer:
Larry King, Director of the Franklin Credit Union (Omaha, NE) and Republican fundraiser:
Robert C. Wadman, Chief of the Omaha, Nebraska Police Department at the time:
John DeCamp, Nebraska State Senator investigating the scandal:
Loran Schmit, Nebraska State Senator investigating the scandal:
Harold Andersen, Omaha World-Herald (Newspaper) Publisher:
Bob Kerrey, Governor of Nebraska (1983-1987):
Warren Buffett, Omaha, NE based Business Tycoon:
Gary Caradori, Private Investigator:
Peter Citron, Omaha World-Herald Celebrity Columnist:

Hunter Thompson, Photographer:
Ronald Reagan, U.S. President and alleged frequenter of VIP sex parties in Washington D.C. during his Presidency:
George H.W. Bush, U.S. Vice President and President and alleged frequenter of VIP sex parties in Washington D.C. during his Vice Presidency:
Barbara Bush, wife of George H.W. Bush who was allegedly seen at VIP sex parties in Washington D.C. with her husband during Bush\’s term as Vice President to Ronald Reagan:
Allegedly Snuff film activity was initiated from Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally Offutt Air Force Base was where Monarch mind control experiments and related activities allegedly took place:
Following are some of the claims made by Rusty Nelson that I want to examine in more detail.  First I will list the claims of interest to me and discuss them later:
Larry Flew little kids all over the country for people to be sex toys for people with perverse needs.

He (Larry King) got kids from all over the country.  A lot of them came from Boys Town (located in Omaha, Nebraska), orphanages,  or places where they would really not be missed.

He (Larry King) would also catalog kids; he would pick them to order.

He (Larry King) had another photographer who was shooting kiddie porn, the gay porn and the snuff films.  Rusty Nelson was made up to look like this other photographer in order to blackmail Rusty Nelson and to put blame on Rusty Nelson. 

They would sell the snuff films to the wealthy business people for tremendous amounts of money.

Rusty Nelson was approached by Hunter Thompson to do a snuff film with Thompson in order to compromise and silence Rusty Nelson.

He (Larry King) would have one party that was the social gathering then after that there would be  few people who would stick around or come back and they would have a separate party and that was the sex parties.  Let\’s call these VIP sex parties since VIPs frequent them.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan was seen by Rusty Nelson at at least one of these VIP sex parties during Reagan\’s Presidency.

U.S. President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush were seen by Rusty Nelson at at least one of these VIP sex parties during the time Bush was Vice President.

A lot of the alleged snuff film related activity was initiated from the Strategic Air Command (SAC) base in Omaha, Nebraska (Offutt Air Force Base).  Also MK-Ultra (mind control) related activity happened at Offutt Air Force Base.  Supposedly Larry King was so well known at Offutt Air Force Base that he was able to pass through the guard shack without ever being stopped.  [EDIT TO ADD:  I discovered that Larry King served a full four year term in the U.S. Air Force and was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force so this lends credibility to this claim of Rusty Nelson.  One question I have is was Larry King recruited to be in special U.S. Government programs while serving in the U.S. Air Force?  I suspect so.

Larry King was familiar enough with U.S. President Ronald Reagan that he was able to call Reagan to help King get his daycare center in Omaha Nebraska reopened that had been shut down because the owner of the property became aware that the daycare was being used for child prostitution.  After calling the President, the daycare center was quickly reopened. 

They would have what they called \”Catalog Kids\”.  They would basically just go out driving around looking for kids and take pictures of them and then go to these wealthy influential people and say would you be interested in this one or that one or the next one?  And they would basically go snatch them.  [When I hear about this I immediately think of the group called The Finders.  I will probably be doing an entire post about The Finders in the near future since it is such an important topic that it deserves its own post].

Following the raid on Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, NE, Larry King was arrested but was soon paroled and went to work for the National Republican Party.  
The following are some things that Rusty Nelson did not say but that I grokked from his testimony:
Larry King had a photographer working for him who was used to film child pornography, gay pornography and snuff films.  This photographer was working for Larry King before Rusty Nelson even became involved in any of this.  His name is unknown and may never be known but for the sake of this discussion let us call him the \”VIP sex photographer\”
Rusty Nelson was approached by Larry King because of Rusty Nelson\’s similar build and resemblance to the VIP sex photographer.  The reason Larry King approached Rusty Nelson is to shift blame to Rusty Nelson from the VIP sex photographer if any of the activity the VIP sex photographer was involved in became exposed.  If this were to happen, the VIP sex photographer could quietly disappear from the scene and all blame could be placed on the innocent party, Rusty Nelson instead.
The VIP sex photographer was used in sex parties where VIPs attended.  Nancy Reagan\’s hairdresser was the hair dresser of the VIP sex photographer before Rusty Nelson even came on the scene.  After Rusty Nelson was recruited to be the fall guy, then this same hairdresser who made up the VIP sex photographer also made up Rusty Nelson so he would look as close as possible to the VIP Sex photographer. Although we never see a picture of the VIP sex photographer we can assume he looked a lot like this and dressed like this at these VIP parties:


Hunter Thompson was involved in the making of snuff films.  The reason Hunter Thompson approached Rusty Nelson to make a snuff film for him for $100,000.00 was for two reasons.  One was to corrupt Rusty Nelson and get him directly involved with the illegal criminal activity that Larry King, the VIP sex photographer and Hunter Thompson were already involved in.  The second reason was to Blackmail Rusty Nelson into silence about anything illegal he had seen so far or was about to see.  Bottom line reason was to silence Rusty Nelson so he would not think about ever telling the Police or anyone else about things he had witnessed.  
The following is a link to an article concerning Hunter Thompson and Snuff films that seems relevant to post here:  https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/http-fellowshipoftheminds-com-2017-10-23-hunter-s-thompson-was-a-pedophile-bestialist-who-made-snuff-films
Here is what I consider to be a good expose about Gary Caradori, a private investigator who I believe was murdered:

Here is another good relevant link about this case:
A Drawing of what is alleged to be a VIP Sex Party.  Click on the image below to see it in more detail:
King was said to have provided the CIA with information gained from the users of the child sex ring.
Information from others outside of Rusty Nelson:
Peter Citron, Omaha World-Herald Celebrity columnist was named as one of the people who attended the VIP sex parties and who sexually abused children.  Citron was arrested during the Franklin Credit Union investigation.

Harold Andersen, Omaha World-Herald (Newspaper) Publisher was a promoter of Larry King.  After Citron\’s arrest, Anderson stepped down as World-Herald CEO after two decades and became a contributing editor.

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  1. Johnny Gosch was also taken to that Offhut base just before he was abducted. More then likely his dad sold him into that Pedo ring. I find it interesting that Larry King has been in the military. And BTW, Jeffrey Dahmer was also able to just walk into the Whitehouse. During a class trip to DC, during the Reagan Administration, Jeffrey made one pay phone call and was able to usher in his entire class into the Vice Presidents office. This crime syndicate “ octopus“ has its tentacles everywhere.


  2. My realization that Fiona Barnett is a disinformation agent has really made me question everyone who is telling a story similar to hers. I am just very wary of being deceived by disinformation. The more closely I look at the world the more I realize how much disinformation is in it and information I previously trusted I now consider suspect. So I am really cautious about what I accept as the truth. I will consider anything but I will always be looking for lies and disinformation. The best lies are the ones that sound the most believable and one must always be aware of this. I know little about Dahmer except that he was a deranged serial killer. I know about the so called Octopus but I see it as a false front. The enemy I face and I assume you face also even if you do not know it loves to hide itself behind a myriad of false fronts so that nobody will know who the real enemy is. On this Blog I clearly tell you who I see the real enemy and I stand by that.


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