In a previous post I discussed how the NASA Apollo Moon Landings were a complete and total fraud but I have not discussed all aspects of this fraud.  The shills for NASA have various talking points that they use in an attempt to explain away the various anomalies seen in the NASA Apollo film footage.  One of those anomalies is the complete lack of stars in the sky in any of the photographs allegedly taken by the Astronauts when they were on the surface of the moon.  If you look at any of the NASA photographs allegedly taken on the moon you will see that the sky is completely black and not a single star is to be seen.  This is not what one would expect to see from the surface of the moon.  Since the moon has no atmosphere to block visibility, the stars should be visible despite the sun\’s glare.  So what explains the lack of stars?

The NASA shills have an answer for this, which is that the exposure settings of the cameras used on the moon were set in such a way where they were incapable of filming the stars in the sky.  This is a convenient lie but its the only one they can come up with.  So what the NASA shills say in a nutshell is that the stars were visible to the Astronauts walking on the moon but the settings of the cameras made them invisible in the photographs.  Let us examine this in more detail.

What I say and others say is that there were no stars seen in any of the NASA Apollo moon landing photographs because no pictures were taken from the surface of the moon.  As I and others have said, all the Apollo moon landings were faked on earth.  As part of the fakery, one would expect them to fake the star field in the sky to make it look realistic.  But the problem with that is that back in the sixties they did not have the technology to simulate the star field realistically enough and accurately enough so that regular people viewing the photographs would not be able to see that it was faked.  If they added the stars to the simulation it would expose the entire moon landings as being a fake.  So they chose to show no stars at all and to explain that away to the public.

Now back to the NASA shill lie that the stars were not seen because of the settings of the cameras.  Let us examine this lie in more detail.  If this were true, you would expect that the Astronauts who had supposedly been to the moon would have seen the stars that the cameras were not able to capture but from the mouth of the Apollo 11 Astronauts this is not so.  In the following link is a video of a press conference held between members of the \”press\” (do not miss the quotes) and the the three Apollo 11 Astronauts.  There are some very interesting quotes by the three Apollo 11 Astronauts concerning the stars after a member of the press in the audience asks a question about if they were able to see stars.

Open this video and go to around the 46:30 mark and just let it play from that point on and you will see the person who I assume is a reporter who asks two questions of the Astronauts.  I initially thought this reporter was in on the fraud and was asking the question purposely to help the CIA/NASA explain the missing stars but after watching it again I now think that this man asked these questions because he was skeptical about the entire thing.  From the looks on this man\’s face and the way he asks his questions, he does not believe in the reality of what is being presented but he asks two questions at 47:15 in this video.  It is this man\’s second question and the response of the Astronauts that I want to focus on.

Here is the second question:

When you looked up at the sky, could you actually see the stars in the solar corona despite of the glare?

Now keep in mind that the NASA Shills are saying the sky was full of stars but those damn pesky camera settings would not allow them to be filmed.  If only the settings would have different then the sky in the NASA photographs would be full of bright stars as expected.  But now listen to what the three Astronots have to say in response.

48:22 Aldrin:  \”We were never able to see stars from the lunar surface on the daylight side of the moon without using the optics.\”

A little later Collins says \”I don\’t remember seeing any\” to a very uncomfortable looking Aldrin.

So apparently not only could the cameras not see the stars, the Astronauts themselves could not see the stars.  Interesting. 

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