Although I have no direct knowledge or proof of it, I deduce that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was very heavily involved in the NASA Apollo moon landings deception.  I also deduce that the CIA is the source for many of the shills that are still promoting this lie to this very day.  The CIA pays the shills to promote the lie as the truth about this and many other things.   Needless to say, the CIA is rotten to the core and is a willing tool for the Snakes.  The CIA is a tool.  It is not the source for the deceptions it is involved in.  Anyone who wants to blame the CIA as the source for any deception has not seen the big picture.  Although the CIA is guilty of being part of the deception, you have look behind the CIA to discover the Snakes who created the entire concept of the Apollo moon landings fraud.  The same can be said about the JFK assassination. People who say the CIA killed JFK do not understand. Although CIA was involved with implementing the assassination, it did not create the plan of the assassination.  Someone else did that.  The CIA only played a part in implementing the plan someone else created.  I can say a lot more about this and probably will, but my goal with this Blog is to get to the real truth of the matter and that includes going to the real source of this and all deceptions.  If you look at my avatar, I give you the answer.

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