As I have indicated in multiple posts, the six Apollo moon landings were not genuine but were purposeful deceptions of the American people and the entire world.  Although NASA gets shit heaped all over it by many people including myself for its part in this deception, NASA is just the public facing part of the deception.  NASA gets the blame for being a shameless liar but the real perpetrators of the lie are behind NASA.  As I indicated in my previous post, I believe the CIA was very heavily involved in this deception and this to be expected.  Deception is one of the specialties of the CIA and so it would come as no surprise at all to discover that the CIA was very heavily involved in implementing the Apollo moon landings hoax.  But the CIA is not the source for the Apollo moon landings hoax and neither is the U.S. Government.  The CIA and the U.S. Government are what is referred to as \”men in the middle\” of the deception.  They help implement the deception but they are not the source of it.  One must understand that the U.S. Government would never risk being part of a Lie this huge unless someone much bigger and more important than the U.S. Government was backing it and guaranteeing that it would not be exposed.  Again, you have to see my avatar to understand the real source of this deception.  I will be talking more about this in future posts but in terms of the Apollo moon landings deception, here is the hierarchy of it as I see it now.


So the Zionist snakes (the real source) hide behind two levels of front organizations.  Most everyone sees NASA.  Few see the CIA and U.S. Government.  Even fewer see the Zionist snakes pulling the strings from behind.  More to come.

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  1. Well it's about time it only took 50 years to come clean…It all makes sense now… No wonder I don't watch tv anymore… Good luck when God gets a hold of you… luvs aunti


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