Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Alex Jones:

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  Alex Jones is a Truth teller.

Real World Explanation:  \”Alex Jones\”, if that is even his real name, is a controlled opposition Shill who is funded by the Snakes.  One of the main purpose of Alex Jones is to be the controlled opposition voice of the Truther movement.  His purpose is to discredit the Truth.

As a truth seeker, I was initially deceived by Alex Jones.  Early in his \”career\” he was actually telling the truth about some significant things which drew me to him.  It was only later that he started doing things like this to discredit himself and to make everyone who followed him look like fools:

I could say a lot of things about Alex Jones, but the main thing for everyone to know is that he is a controlled opposition shill.  His purpose has always been to discredit the truth, often by association, instead of spreading the truth.  Alex Jones makes a mockery of the truth.

In the case of the Sandy Hook Hoax, Alex Jones was supposedly sued for spreading falsehoods about the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  After being \”sued\”, Alex Jones recanted what he previously said about Sandy Hook and now says it was a legitimate school shooting.  Thanks Alex for shitting all over the truth to keep your fat lying Zionist ass \”out of jail\”. With friends like this, who needs enemies?  Jones or whatever his real name is is a joker who gives the truth a very bad name.  There are some truth seekers out there who still listen to this man.  My advice to you is to stay as far away from this man as possible if you care about the truth.  He is an agent of the enemy.

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