Paul Walker Faked Death

The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Paul Walker:

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  Paul Walker was a Hollywood actor who died in a fiery explosion in a car accident.

Real World Explanation:  The man known to the world as \”Paul Walker\” was actually a man whose name has never been revealed in public.  His entire public life was a Psyop.  This man did not die but is still alive somewhere.  He may be living in Israel.

IMO there is a similarity between Paul Walker and Isaac Kappy.  Both were Hollywood actors.  Both were famous people known by one name in public who had another name, a REAL NAME, in private that few people know.  Both faked their deaths. or more accurately their deaths were faked for them.  Both men were Psyops.

Some might ask, why would \”Paul Walker\” want to fake his death?  I cannot tell you why his death was faked.  Only that it was. It probably was not his decision to make.  The decision was made for him by those who controlled him.  Why the Zionist Snakes who rule the world do the things they do is not always apparent but I believe there was a good reason why this man was suddenly taken out of circulation after a long string of successful movies (the Fast and Furious franchise).

Here are some web sites that discuss this:

4 thoughts on “Paul Walker Faked Death

  1. What makes you think Paul didn't actually die? What makes you think he was a psyop? You make statements but don't explain why you're making said statements or what led to your conclusions.


  2. You discuss Paul as if it is one man but after looking into the Beatles enough I do not see Paul as being a single individual. I do not see the other Beatles as being single individuals either. I see the Beatles as an Illuminati Illusion. Its the Illusion or perception that matters, not the people who create the illusion. But I think there were multiples playing Paul even before 1966. So I do not speak of Paul as a single person. Did one of the popular \”Pauls\” die? Perhaps. I think the entire group was an Illuminati PSYOP. Many others have attempted to expose this. The statements I make are based upon my own investigations. They make sense to me because I have done the research behind them. I try to explain everything on this Blog so anyone can understand it but perhaps I do not do a good enough job for you in explaining things. If you have any specific questions for me, ask them I will give you more detailed information about anything you want to know. I really do want to help you understand why I say what I say and why I believe what I say to be the truth.


  3. These snakes like to use twins, so that could be some of it. Plus they are so interbred that cousins probably look a lot alike, so they can mix em around and people get used to these individuals looking different every time we see them. Just so they can say to themselves how stupid the goyim are and therefore no different than cattle.


  4. They use both twins and look a likes. Think of Hollywood using look a likes as doubles for a main actor in a movie. Jews run Hollywood and Jews run the world. I think of the world as a Jewish stage or Jewish movie. Like in Hollywood, Jews use doubles in the world for main actors on the world stage. And where Hollywood and the real world merge as in the case of the Paul Walker \”Death\” its a no brainer that they use doubles. Speaking of someone looking different every time we see them, that description fits John Lennon of the Beatles. I saw that phenomenon long ago concerning John Lennon and I really believe that multiple people who looked similar were playing the role of John Lennon and this explains why he looked so different in so many cases. The same for Paul McCartney. John Lennon's last album was named \”Double Fantasy\” which I think is very telling. But Jews use doubles all the time to deceive the world which Jews are in control of.


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