A Word about DBA (Discredit by Association):

There are some Snakes out there who are pushing the truth about some things but at the same time mixing in obvious disinformation with that truth to discredit it.  This strategy by the Snakes is called Discredit by Association.  For example, you may see a person who says truthfully that the Apollo moon landings were staged on earth and never happened but then this same person goes on to say such things as the Earth is Flat or Space is not real.  You have to watch out for these people because they can sneak their disinformation in under the radar, but you understand the tactic.  Their purpose is to convince anyone who questions the reality of the Apollo moon landings that everyone who believes the Apollo moon landings were fake also believe the earth is flat.  It can be a very effective strategy for turning off truth seekers who believe the person is real instead of a Shill.  This is just one example of DBA but it can be used on basically any topic.  Speak the actual truth and then discredit it with an obvious lie.  In a world full of lies and disinformation as this one is, this is just one more tactic to keep the clueless believing in the Establishment lies.

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