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  1. The Jewish snake crept into the server and deleted my post about the Sandy Hook School shooting like a thief in the night. They just did it. And when I made a replacement post about it, this Blog platform which is owned by Google flagged the post and automatically unpublished it so nobody can see it. Do you see what they did? Of all the posts I have made on this Blog this the only one they fucked with because I named names of the people behind the PSYOP and identified that specific Jews were the actors of this PSYOP. They apparently did not like this so my post got deleted and censored. I could easily repost the post they censored but I am afraid that might get my entire Blog killed by the Jewish Snake. I am sure they already hate me but they basically leave me alone because I have so few viewers so they do not see I do a lot of harm by telling my truth about the Jewish Snake. But they are aware of me. If you want to know more about Sandy Hook, email me at ThomasPickering666@yahoo.com and I can name the names of some of the real Jews involved in the PSYOP.


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