A word about Noam Chomsky:

This is a man who is seen by many as a truth teller but he sure as Hell did not tell the truth about 9-11.  Noam Chomsky could have helped the 9-11 truth movement so much if he would have tried to expose it, but Mr. Chomsky did the opposite.  Noam Chomsky supported the 9-11 lies of the U.S. Establishment.  He did this for two reasons:
1)  He is a Jew and a Jew is not going to out what others Jews do.
2)  He knew that for him to out 9-11 would hurt him financially.  In other words, his book sales would dry up and his paid speaking engagements would dry up.  Telling the truth about 9-11 would hurt him financially.  So, even though this man is intelligent enough and perceptive enough to know the truth about 9-11, he purposely chose to support the lies told by the U.S. Establishment.  He put his own personal profit over the truth.  Now this man has no credibility.

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  1. People keep using the Jew line for anything that happens around this world.It is my sincere belief that those Outfits who call themselves Jews are in fact 100% Fakes.These Fakes are Babylonian in Nature and Customs. No True Jew would partake in the Global crimes these Gangsters are involved in.They even rigged the Talmud 6M story. The Talmud is Not Jewish.The Talmud is 100% pagan. The True Word of God is the Bible.The True Jews follow the OT, the first half of the Bible where as Christians follow the entire Word of God.Murder, even mass Murder to any follower of God's Word is a serious sin. No Law abiding follower of Jesus and God the Father would entertain killings. Only pagans kill. They have zero value on life.The Outfits connected to all the major world events are a Massive Corporate Club. All Governments are handicapped by its Members. Big Inc fully took control of the US back in 1916 when against the US Constitution a Central Bank was formed.This Bank is 100% Illegal but yet prints private funds to the US public!! This is a total outrage.The entire global public is funding via illegal taxes a Giant Monopoly including private Armies to control the masses.9/11 was an Inc Job to steal the oil resources of the Iraqi people, as was the Libyan war to get rid of Gadaffi.Before his public Murder the Libyan population were living in Paradise. Almost all things were free to Libyan Nationals.Now look at the joint. Its become a sewer just as planned.The entire State of Israel is a Giant Lie. God washed His hands of Israel around 720BC. The kingdom of Judah was destroyed as God planned in 70AD. The real Jews became scattered through out the world never to reform into another Nation again until God returns to rule this world. The House of Judah is God's Tribe.As God is clearly not ruling this world those plods now living in Palestine are all 100% fakes. These fakes are the people destroying the world thru 100% Greed. They have murdered 100's of millions of people all around this planet and continue to do so. Even the ''Star of David'' is a 100% Lie. That symbol is 100% Pagan. Look it up!! It is the Beast power that has most of this world fooled. The NWO , aka New Normal has become reality.The Novel 1984 has become Fact. All mass global media is a direct transmission from their HQ. Independent News is becoming extinct. Cov-19 is one Giant Lie. Soon millions will begin to starve to death. Millions will be forced into the streets begging for crumbs. This was all Planned by the 1%-ters to control the masses. No more choices – do or Die.You will accept the Vaccine or not work, eat or play, it's that simple. These Yids, who ever they are , are the most Evil Pirates the world has ever seen. Stalin was a saint compared to the latest sicko's. The post pandemic world is finished. Kaput.


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