The things that are happening in the world right now especially concerning the Corona Virus Psyop are so depressing to me that I do not want to look at them closely.  To look at them closely is to look into the deep dark recesses of the minds of the Psychopaths who rule the world. Make no mistake about it, the people who rule the world are the enemies of humanity.  At a minimum they want to enslave and control every aspect of everyone else\’s life.  I suspect they also want to kill off a large segment of the population so there will be more natural resources left to go around for them and their cronies.  It is the responsibility of every American citizen to be awake to what is going on.  This is no time for the American people to be asleep and clueless because, in case you have not noticed, things are getting worse.  What we are seeing now with the Corona Virus Psyop is a slow march to Dystopia for the entire world IF we allow it to happen.  I am sounding the alarm bells about it everywhere I can but I can only do so much.  The American people have to wake up at some point and recognize.  If you care, you need to be aware of all the lies that are being told about this so-called virus and where this is all leading.  Being aware is the first step to doing something about it. 

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