When people begin to wake up to the lies of society, they stop watching the Main Stream Media and they turn to the Internet to find the truth they know or at least very strongly suspect they are not getting from the MSM.  What most people believe is that the internet is honest.  They may know there are many dishonest people (or Shills) on the internet but they believe the internet itself is honest and that they can find the truth on the internet. But I have reached the conclusion that the internet itself is not honest.  Instead the internet is in very large part a Deception Tool used by the Snakes to keep people believing in the Lies that the Snakes want people to believe.  The Internet is rigged to promote the Lie and to Censor the truth across the board.  Although there is truth to be found on the internet, it is usually very difficult to find it.  It will not come up in a search using many of the major search engines.  Instead all search results are rigged to promote the lie and to conceal the truth.  Its even worse if you do a search on Youtube.  Just try it.  Try searching for any of these fake events on Youtube and see what comes up.  Everything you see is designed to promote the lies (((they))) want people to believe.  The entire internet is that way.  The internet is a deception tool to keep people blind to the truth.  It is not free as it pretends to be.  Instead it is highly controlled and manipulated to keep people deceived.  So if you want to find the truth on the internet, good luck.  You will have to walk through a huge maze of propaganda and disinformation and purposely created Conspiracy Theories in order to find the truth you seek. The internet is controlled to keep you blind to the truth.  If you do not accept Lie Number 1 about some topic, it freely offers you Lie Number 2, 3, 4 and 5.  It will keep you going around in circles chasing red herrings and false leads forever so that you NEVER discover the truth.  This is the nature of the internet.  This is the nature of the world we live in today.

In many cases you have to deduce the truth yourself because you will not get it from the internet or from any other publicly available source.

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  1. This post directly relates to my latest post about False Narratives. The internet is filled with false narratives so that nobody in the general public what to believe about anything. Its never about the truth but about keeping people perpetually confused so that they have to turn to big brother for the answer. Reading comments may help and sometimes it does. You get a better sense of the way the people really feel from reading comments but also you should know that disinformation agents are making comments too. Of course they are, because the Snake knows that people read comments and they want (((their))) comments to be read and to outnumber the honest comments. On Youtube for example, honest comments such as the ones saying the Sandy Hook School shooting or the Apollo moon landings was a fake are being purposely deleted by bots but all the dishonest comments saying they are real are being left up. Youtube is notorious about that. So you cannot really trust that the comments you are seeing are from honest people.


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