I have talked extensively about the Two Worlds Paradigm or about how there are two \”realities\”.  One is the false \”reality\” that they want people to believe is real and the other is the actual reality that is the Truth.  This is a general way of seeing the world and everything in it. Many things in this world that people believe are real are actually lies or fabrications or deceptions. Once a truth seeker becomes sufficiently aware of this, then they can look at anything with new eyes and intuit the truth.  Once you gain enough awareness of this then you can intuit the truth about many things from inside yourself.  You don\’t need someone else to tell you what the truth is or provide a source for you.  You become your own source. 

Before you can intuit the truth about something you often first have to intuit the Lie.  You must discover the Lie in something before you can discover the truth about it.

Once you have this awareness then you have your very own pair of \”They Live\” glasses that you wear from within everywhere you go.

As with the movie \”The Matrix\” (1999), I see the movie \”They Live\” as an allegory for the Two Worlds Paradigm.  Without the \”sunglasses\” you see the world as they want you to see it.  With the sunglasses on you see the world as it actually is.  They cannot hide themselves or their true intentions from you once you are aware. All is revealed.

Of course the Snakes are going to lie everywhere they can and as much as they can. What else would you expect a Snake to do?  Expect to be lied to because you will be lied to.  Let the Snakes do whatever they are going to do.  Ignore them.  Ignore their Lies.  Find your truth and follow it. 

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