In previous posts I have described how (((they))) create completely fake events and portray them as being real events.  (((They))) do this to deceive regular people about the true nature of the world and also to give (((themselves))) an unfair advantage in the world over all other people.  Here is a recap of some the fake events they have created:

Islamic State terrorist organization coming out of nowhere

The George Floyd Murder and spontaneous BLM riots

Convid 19/Corona Virus

The 9-11 Terrorist Attacks on America

The Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Apollo Moon Landings

(((Their))) complete ownership of all major media as well as their infiltration and control of most major governments such as the United States Federal Government allows them to get away with such deceptions.  This is the world in which we find ourselves today. It is a world where Lies have replaced Truth in many cases.  A lot of the history that people believe is real is actually completely fabricated.  In such a world, anything is possible to happen at any time that these Snakes decide to do.

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