I did not start out hating America but I do now.  Actually I have long called myself a Patriot to America but no longer. I guess that is one of the things I had to give up when I chose to take the Red Pill. Now I hate America because I see it too clearly.  The more I see of America with new eyes, the more hatred and contempt I feel toward it.  I don\’t hate the American people.  Far from it.  I love the American people, clueless and brainwashed as the majority may be and I want to help save them but I completely hate and despise the System.  If you don\’t know what the System is then you really are not awake yet.  I live to expose the lies of the System and to bring it crashing down on itself faster than Building 7 of the World Trade Center during the 9-11 Psyop.  The only weapon I have to use is the truth and I spread it wherever I can.  My entire purpose for starting this Blog is to spread the truths that I have discovered on my own.  Consider this my little beachhead on a continent of lies and propaganda that is America today.  I will do what I can to make a difference in this world by spreading truth as I see it.  This is what I feel compelled to do.  It may make no difference at all or it may make a difference if others join me in spreading the truth.  I hope others will want to jump on my bandwagon.  In a world full of lies and liars, we need honest, non corrupt people telling the truth as they see it.  Eliminate the Zionist owned media completely from the picture.  This is my media.  I hope others will see what I am trying to do here and help.  But even if nobody else helps, I will continue to speak the truth as I see it and spread it everywhere I can.

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  1. there's a well known quote from pastor niemoller in which he goes thru a list of who the gestapo came for and that he didn't object so when they came for him there was no one left to speak for him. if we remain silent we are in silent acceptance. something like: from my cold dead keyboard, eh?


  2. I have been trying to spread truth ever since taking the red pill. My discovery of what 9-11 actually was is what I consider my red pill. Mostly I try to spread the truth about the JFK assassination of all things. Wherever I can I spread the truth against Establishment lies. Every honest person who gives a fuck should be doing this.


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