Yesterday I talked about hating America and today I want to begin to explain why it is that I have come to hate the country in which I live.  The main reason is because I see American society as completely fake and engineered that is owned and operated by completely dishonest immoral people who do not give a fuck about truth.  One good look at the Sandy Hook School non shooting is enough to show anyone who has eyes to see what American society has turned into.  Here is a quote from a prominent Jew that perfectly describes American society in 2020:

And this is the core of what is wrong with American society.  Mostly because of the 24-7 lies of the American main stream media, false perceived \”truth\” has replaced actual truth as the truth in America.  In this way lies become truth and truth becomes lies.  Black becomes white and white becomes Black.  There is no honesty and no integrity in a society such as this.

Truth is the enemy of American society so American society hates truth.  American society brands actual truth as Lies and it turns complete lies (such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting) into \”truth\” for the American people to believe in.  I am not willing to live in a society like this without doing everything in my power to expose it and hopefully destroy it.  Yes, I want to destroy American society as it currently exists.  A minority of the American people are awake to what is going on but I consider the majority of Americans, the ones I call the Herd as being totally brainwashed and clueless who believe whatever they see on CNN or Fox News as the truth.  It is the herd I am trying to wake up to what is really happening in America.

Unlike Mr. Kissinger, I do not give a fuck about perceived truth.  Perceived truth is meaningless.  Actual truth is all that matters to me.  I have dedicated this Blog to contrasting the difference between Perceived Truth and Actual Truth.  I call it the Two Worlds Paradigm.  This is my way of attempting to wake up people to the actual truth in many different cases and I do it for the benefit of the truth and the American people.

Only by waking up a majority of the American people to the actual truth (not the perceived truth) can America be saved and taken out of the hands of the Zionist wolves who now control it 100%.

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