I get really depressed when I look at the state of the world too closely.  I can only handle looking at it for short periods of time before I want to completely disassociate myself from it.  I have no part in this world except to be a voice crying in the wilderness to anyone who is still honest and sane in this crazy Jewish world who will hear my message.  I know you are out there.  I know I am not alone here although sometimes it very much feels like I am.  What I want is for all good Americans to wake up to what is going on and to rise up as one and cut the head off the Jewish snake in Washington D.C.  Voting is meaningless in the situation in which we all find ourselves.  Revolution is the only Solution. 

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  1. even if we have a revolution and its successful the people don't know how to self-govern. we know they eventually lose control each time though and the reason we know that is that they have to keep resetting history. I don't know how they kill everyone but I'm sure they can't kill everyone and I'm sure that even many of these big bankers, harvard professors, religious jews etc. their children get killed too. The system is basically set up to just divert people away from actually doing anything here on earth worth doing and I dunno maybe ship canned goods offworld or something. we would naturally develop SOME technology on our own, but the way things are managed I'm sure all of it is given out in a certain way and fashion so as to divert people away from anything really helpful. example, the hindenburg disaster turned people off from blimps and I'm sure blimps would be more useful than planes, especially for scientific purposes and education.


  2. You may be right when you say the people do not know how to self govern. The fact of the matter is that any Democracy can be easily corrupted and hijacked by organized, well funded, well connected individuals who are determined to control everything. That is what happened to the so called Democracies of the West. Now they are just facades of Democracies with powerful men pulling the real strings behind the scenes. There is no honesty in the U.S. Government and the American people are blind sheep to what is going on. How does this change? Its not so much about killing but about control. What you have is a relatively small number of people in the world who want to control everyone else and they will use anything to do it.


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