What is badly needed to fight the Zionist Snakes who have control of America is an effective organized Resistance.  From what I see there is no organized resistance whatsoever against the Zionists.  There are many individuals such as myself that are resisting by trying to wake clueless Americans up to what is happening but we are not organized.  The Zionists, on the other hand, are extremely organized.  As long as non Zionists remain unorganized I do not see us being able to mount any kind of effective resistance to the Zionists.  I have a lot of good ideas about how such an organized resistance could be effective but unfortunately I am not a leader and I am not an organizer.  I just have ideas.  If anyone honest is reading this and you do have ideas about how to organize a Zionist Resistance Movement then please post them here.

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  1. the only way i believe we will have any chance of success is by speaking about what we've discovered when ever possible to who ever we have a conversation with that opens the door to commentary. then there is the thought that the supreme being won't allow their ultimate victory which does little for those of us here an now.


  2. I agree that Educating the clueless American public about what we have seen is the number one priority of a Zionist Resistance Movement. The more people we can wake up to help our cause, the better. I am not a Christian but an Agnostic. If there is a Supreme Being, He has allowed his world to be totally corrupted and owned by these Zionist wolves. Not something a Supreme being who cared would allow to happen.


  3. a lot of good people, they just won't confront horrible truths and it's true, whatever is at the top of this is very organized and clearly hates humanity, trees, animals. I mean, the way they act is in no way parsimonious with something that appreciates life but instead someone who hates all life and wishes it to be destroyed.


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