The Two Worlds Paradigm example of the Umbrella Man in the JFK assassination:

Two Worlds Paradigm

I made a previous post that showed that Jackie Kennedy was the assassin of her husband.  You can find that post here.  In this post I want to cover just one aspect of the assassination concerning the role of the so-called Umbrella man in the JFK assassination.

False World Explanation:  The Umbrella man was just a normal citizen who for some reason, perhaps because it was a sunny day, had an Umbrella up and was close to the Limousine as it passed the Stemmons freeway sign shortly before JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas Texas.

Real World Explanation:  The Umbrella man was a CIA agent who was holding a weapon disguised to look like an umbrella.  The following link shows this CIA created weapon:

This umbrella weapon system did not fire a bullet but instead fired a small dart (or flenchette) that was coated with a fast acting toxin.  This small dart was fired from the umbrella weapon into the front of JFK\’s throat as the Limousine was passing the Stemmons freeway sign.

In Zapruder frame 221 you can see how close the Umbrella was to the Limousine.  You can also see Jackie looking at JFK, indicating he has already been shot in the throat at this point.  Click on the image below to see these details.

In subsequent frames of the Zapruder film we see JFK holding his hands to his throat where the dart has entered and then becoming incapacitated.

What was the purpose of firing the dart into JFK\’s throat?  To incapacitate him and make him helpless to resist or to be able to defend himself in any way from what Jackie was about to do. Had JFK not been incapacitated then it would have been impossible for Jackie to assassinate him the way she did without him being able to resist it.

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  1. To answer both questions, it is my opinion that Jackie was an assassin. Before she even met JFK she was affiliated with Central Intelligence Agency working for them in some secret capacity. This is documented. And then she was introduced to JFK by a CIA asset. It can be said that Jackie was a CIA agent whose assignment was JFK. Even though she married him and had children by him, she never stopped being an agent. And the CIA is involved in assassinations and their agents are involved in assassinations. So Jackie was an assassin working for the CIA (and the Jews). Using Jackie as the assassin was the best way for the real perps to kill JFK and not be blamed for it. Anyone wanting to discover the real perps would have to go through Jackie first. It was really a brilliant but very evil scheme.


  2. Do you have a link to the video that your gif comes from? I would like to watch a slow motion of it as well as see the seconds before it. The gif seems sped up. That gif definitely looks like Jackie did it even my mom says it looks like it, but I don't think she believes it. Also where is evidence that Jackie worked with CIA? Who else do you think she killed, she would have had to have killed others to be that good and cold. Maybe JFK wasn't the father of the kids, she had a miscarriage while in the White House and he had to be talked into going to her bedside, if only for the optics, plus he may have been gay.


  3. The gif is taken from the Zapruder film, shot by the Jew Abraham Zapruder on the day of the assassination. Here is good link. It is a slow motion, stabilized version of the assassination. Most people have been so brainwashed that they will not believe Jackie did it even if they see her do it with their own eyes. That is the nature of brainwashing. It works on a subconscious level. I created a post on this Blog about Jackie working with the CIA before she even met JFK. I will have to go find that and post a link to it here. Have you heard the song \”Killer Queen\” by the Rock group Queen? You should listen to that song because its about Jackie. I do not have knowledge about her killing anyone except for JFK but its possible she was involved in other assassinations. It is my opinion that the assassination was rehearsed while Jackie was out of the country. Jackie went to Turkey and Greece for around three months in 1963 and came back to the USA in October of 1963. During that time she could have easily been trained how to kill JFK and it could have been rehearsed. I agree that she must have been trained prior to the assassination to have known what to do. To my knowledge JFK was the father to his kids. JFK was not gay. All that talk is just Jewish clap trap.


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