As I was shopping for groceries today, I saw that a lot more people in the store are wearing masks than before.  In past shopping incursions at the little grocery store I shop at, maybe Two thirds of the people were wearing masks.  Today I estimate that 90% of the people were wearing masks.  Seeing this filled me with dismay at the utter cluelessness of the American people who believe all the lies reported by the MSM.  It made me think of a quote by former CIA directory William Casey.  Here is the quote:

Putting a Convid 19 spin on Mr. Casey\’s quote:  We\’ll know our Convid 19 disinformation campaign is working when we see everyone wearing masks.

America is largely a brainwashed population of naive, clueless Sheep who would not believe they were being lied to even if you put the evidence of deception right in front of their noses. These people believe anything they see on television is true and do not ever question it.  This makes it very easy for the Jewish deceivers and their minions (like Mr. Casey).

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