Two Worlds Paradigm Example of ISIS (AKA Islamic State):

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  ISIS is a terrorist organization associated with Islam.  It is very vicious and brutal.  It has committed many atrocities such as beheading people and burning people alive trapped in cages.  But Fortunately for the world that great American Super Hero Donald J. Trump has single handedly defeated ISIS so it is no more.  God Bless POTUS!

Real World Explanation:  ISIS is a false terrorist organization.  It is a Psyop associated with the CIA and the Mossad.  Its viciousness and cruelty is a staged lie.

An ISIS \”beheading\” in progress:

Watch the video that was leaked:

ISIS serves the United States and Israel. So when you hear the perpetual liar Donald J. Trump boasting of his great accomplishment of defeating ISIS at one of his campaign rallies, you have one more bit of evidence that this man is a lying Zionist POS.

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