Everyone needs to buy big guns (the biggest Assault type weapon you can find) and lots of ammunition for it because I get a feeling that you are going to need it to protect yourself and your family from the U.S. Government in the not too distant future. Enough said. If you want to stay free, arm up big. The only thing the U.S. Government respects and fears is a well armed citizenry. That is why the U.S. Government staged a school shooting in Connecticut for the very reason of disarming American citizens of their big assault type weapons. This is your only real defense against a tyrannical government seeking to force you to do things against your will. The Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment for this very reason. Its our only defense against a Government out of control as this one is.

Big Assault type weapons in the hands of American citizens are a cock block to martial law being declared in America. This is exactly why the Zionist wolves who control the U.S. Government staged the Sandy Hook School shooting, organized by the Mossad with many Jews and their children playing starring roles in the Psyop. So be a good Goy and get rid of your big assault type weapons. Also write a letter to your Zionist-owned Congressperson or Senator demanding that big assault type weapons be outlawed and illegal for America citizens to own. Do it for the children.

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