Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Isaac Kappy:

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood actor who turned into a Pedophile whistle blower naming such notorious pedophiles as Seth Green, Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg as sadistic child abusing pedophiles.  According to Kappy, Seth Green has a hidden rape room where he rapes and murders little kids.  Isaac Kappy committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Arizona.

Real World Explanation:  Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood actor and a Jew who was turned into the front man of a Zionist Psyop meant to completely discredit anyone naming VIPs as pedophiles. Although he appeared to be a whistle blower, IK was a Trojan horse Psyop sent from the snakes to completely discredit and destroy the pedophile exposing truther movement.  None of the people that Isaac Kappy outed as being pedophiles are pedophiles.  Seth Green is not a pedophile with a hidden rape room as Isaac Kappy claimed.  Tom Hanks is not a pedophile. Steven Spielberg is not a pedophile. There are very likely Hollywood VIPs who are pedophiles IMO but Isaac Kappy named none of them.  Instead he named people he knew were NOT pedophiles as a way to discredit everyone attempting to name VIPs as pedophiles.  In addition, Isaac Kappy had a close association with another Zionist Psyop, QAnon.  In this lying world, one Zionist Psyop helps another.  Isaac Kappy did not commit suicide. Isaac Kappy did not die. His death was staged.  His real name was never Isaac Kappy.  His real name is Jewish and he is alive today under that name, probably living somewhere in Israel.

The real \”Isaac Kappy\”, Zionist Psyop:

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