The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of QAnon (Q):

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  QAnon is a U.S. Government insider who is on the side of good.  QAnon is a truth teller who tells deep secrets about the world to his loyal followers.  A lot of what Q says is centered around that great American Super Patriot and undercover Pedophile crime fighter, Donald J. Trump.  The good guys in QAnon\’s world are Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party, America, the U.S. Military.  The bad guys in QAnon\’s world are all Democrats (but especially Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and Joe Biden) and the Deep state.  QAnon advises all of its followers to Trust the Plan.  Although it never says what the Plan is, we can be sure that the good guys are going to win and the bad guys are going to lose because we trust Q and we know he would never lie to us.

Real World Explanation:  QAnon is a Zionist Psyop centered around Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party and the U.S. Government.  It came out of nowhere in 2016 leading up to the 2016 election and I expect it will exist as long as Donald J. Trump is President.  QAnon is not a single person as it falsely portrays itself to be but there are multiple people posting as Q, as would be expected in a Psyop.  This Psyop is very possibly tied to U.S. military intelligence.  Many of the so-called QAnon followers are Shills who are part of the Psyop to give it credibility among the terminally clueless who actually believe all the Bullshit coming out of \”Q\”\’s mouth.

\”Q\”, a Zionist Psyop:

Its difficult for me to differentiate between Shills who are part of the Psyop and real people who actually believe all this QAnon Trash. I have a very derogatory word for QAnon followers who are not shills and that is QTARD, because you would have to be seriously retarded to believe all the lies coming out of QAnon\’s mouth. 

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  1. I'm very willing to believe it's all a psyop but I want someone to explain step by step just how anyone benefits by doing it this way.Why Trump?I also want Trump666 explained.Thank you.


  2. I really don't know how to answer your questions but I will try. When people are completely disillusioned about the way their country is going and they do not see any hope of turning things around then there is an opportunity for Snakes to seize on that to gain an advantage. I used to be a Q Follower. I was one of the hugely disappointed Americans in 2016 who was so fed up with the direction America was going that I looked at Trump and Q as some kind of Saviors of America against everything I saw wrong in America. Now I say I was royally played but at the time I really believed Q and Trump. I supported Trump in the 2016 Presidential election but I probably never would have without all the QAnon information being \”leaked\” such as the Hillary emails by Wikileaks. Yes, I took the bait hard and did not have a clue I was being played until much later. If it worked on me you can bet it worked on millions of other Americans. It was enough to put Trump in the White House when he probably would have stood no chance at all of being elected without this deception. I cannot tell you why (((they))) chose Trump other than he and his family have long been very friendly toward Jews and Israel. That is probably the main reason. I have no idea what Trump666 means.


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