Question:  Who can you trust in this environment to tell you the truth?
Answer:  Nobody in authority.  Everyone in authority is bought and paid for by the Snakes.  Most internet sites are either Shill sites or controlled opposition sites.  The majority of the sites advertising themselves as Truther sites, for example InfoWars, are controlled opposition sites.  The truth seeker must be very diligent not to be deceived in this environment because the internet is filled with lies and deception of every form.  Be very careful what you believe and be very careful who you trust.  Some of the most convincing sounding people who most people would not suspect of being Shills are in fact controlled opposition shills on the payroll of the Snakes.  For example, Bill Cooper, who many people see as genuine was in fact a controlled opposition shill pushing \”the driver did it\” in the JFK assassination.  The Snakes control all of the major truthers AKA Internet Gurus.  Do not trust any of these people. You have been warned.

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