A word about Shills:

For anyone who does not already know it, the internet is full of Shills, AKA Disinformation Agents.

Shills are an essential part of maintaining the Matrix of Lies on the Internet.

Shills generally have two main functions:

1)  Promote the lies and disinformation that the Snakes want the people to believe.

2)  Ridicule, Smear and discredit anyone who is telling the truth about various Psyops.

A Shill does not have to be paid but frequently they are.

Usually a Shill is assigned to one specific Psyop and they only Shill about that.  For example, some Shills are assigned only to the Sandy Hook \”School Shooting\”.  Other Shills are assigned to the Apollo \”moon landings\”, etc.

A significant number of the Shills are Jews who are located in Israel.  For example, these people:

When you pay your taxes, you are paying these people to lie to you.  That\’s right.  You pay to be lied to.  Welcome to the World of the Real.

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