A word about Christianity:

Although I was raised in a Christian background and I previously called myself a Christian, I no longer trust it to be the truth, for various reasons.

Perhaps the main reason I do not trust it is because of the realization after a long journey to discover the truth about the world that the world is filled with Lies and Deception and at its core, the Lies and Deception are Jewish and serve the Jews. 

One of the best ways to deceive, control and manipulate people is through Religion.  Perhaps there is no better deception tool than Religion. At its core, I now consider Christianity to be a Jewish deception tool that serves the purposes of the Zionists and Jews. For example, Jewish Supremacy and Israel Supremacy are core tenants of Christianity.  If you believe Christianity, even God and the Son of God are Jewish.  In Christianity, Jews are God\’s Chosen people.  You have to understand that Christianity is a Religion by and of the Jews but its not for the Jews.  The Jews themselves do not accept it although it is all about them.  It is IMO a Religion created by Jews for non Jews to believe in.

I do not trust anything from a Nation of Liars, Deceivers and Swindlers as being the truth.  To these people, \”truth\” is a toy to be manipulated and used to give them an unfair advantage in the world over all other people. 

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