The Two Worlds Paradigm example of Convid 19 (Corona Virus):

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  A virus came out of nowhere starting in China and spread all over the world, killing millions of people.  It continues to spiral out of control but fortunately for the world we have such people as Billionaire Philanthropist Bill Gates (formerly of Microsoft) who is hard at work to develop a vaccine for this horrible unexpected virus that American citizens will probably have to be injected with every year at their own expense.  Thank God for Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci.

Real World Explanation:  Convid 19 is not a virus but a Zionist Psyop.  It is spread not through the air but through media driven hysteria on all the news channels 24-7.  Just as in 9-11, this Psyop serves multiple agendas.  The primary agenda is to control and manipulate people using FEAR to cause them to do things that they would normally never do. This is a Psyop on a world wide scale.  We have never seen a Psyop on a world wide scale like this before so you can be certain that the Zionists who are behind it have big agendas in mind for it. I have some ideas about what those agendas are but I will not say them for now as I watch this Zionist Psyop which is still very much ongoing play out.

Edit to Add:  Look at ID2020.  It is no coincidence that ID2020 is being presented at the same time as the Convid 19 hysteria.  IMO there is a direct link between Convid 19 and ID2020 and here is the link.  The \”vaccine\” for Convid 19 will be the implementation of ID2020.  If you go to the ID2020 web page it makes it sound as if ID2020 is the best thing that could happen for you but that is a lie.  It is the best thing that could happen for (((them))).  They know that nobody is going to voluntarily be injected with an ID that allows them to be identified everywhere, which would be a total loss of personal privacy for the individual and allow some very bad people to monitor and control everything you do.  Since no one is going to volunteer for this, they are going to use fear to get as many people as possible to take the \”vaccine\”.  For those who do not acquiesce to fear and panic, they will use blackmail next to get people to take the \”vaccine\”.  How?  They will develop a testing station that will allow for a person to be scanned to determine if they had the vaccine or not.  If not vaccinated, a person will not be allowed to work.  If not vaccinated, a person will not be allowed to buy food.  A declaration of martial law (military quarantine) may be required for them to attempt to force everyone to get the vaccine (and pay for it out of their own pocket).  This is where I see America headed. 

EDIT TO ADD:  Where I really see the Convid 19 Psyop heading is toward a cashless society that has long been the wet dream of Jewish/Satanist Bankers and Fascist control freaks everywhere.  I have seen what they do enough to be able to think like them and I can already see the steps that are going to be taken toward this cashless society goal.  Forced masked wearing.  Forced vaccinations.  Detectors placed in stores to test if people have had the vaccine.  No vaccine no groceries.  Perhaps martial law will be declared in the U.S.  I am sure Trump would love to do that.  And then gradually over time everyone\’s bank account is put under their control and tied to a scanned ID on the individual.  Once this process is complete, cash is no longer needed.  Everything becomes digital and under THEIR control.  Its a long term evil plan that we are witnessing the first steps of now.  It is the Mark of the Beast spoken of the Bible.  Unless good freedom loving people resist and rise up to stop it, I greatly fear that future generations are going to be living in a Jew controlled slave state.  I am talking about Dystopia.  I am talking about Nazi Germany on a world wide level with the Jews being in control of everyone and everything.  Jews are an insidious race that will never stop trying to enslave everyone else as long as they exist.  World domination is what they are about. 

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  1. Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. Absolutely correct. Every psychopaths dream come true; human robots. We were waking up to their manipulation tactics and now they want to inject us with nano enzymes & nano tech that is compatible with this so called \”5G\” (buzz word) that is really weaponised frequency. The fact it is even POSSIBLE for a drone the size (and shape) of a fly or mosquito to come into your home, watch you, record you, SHOOT you at close range is seriously alarming and yet many people are still being spoon fed a dumb down, washed out version of true spirituality, believing \”God will save us\”. To a degree I believe nature will step in, but nature does not discriminate. Conscientiously Exercising our free will has never been more important.


  2. Fo.ks-wouldn'tmatter if it wasa plague that killed 4 out 5 ppl who caught it n it was caught by everyone, they have NO RIGHT to tell you where you can n can't go, if you can go to work, etc. How's it ppl don't get that? Cuz ppl are no longer educated is my guess…


  3. I am glad that you see as much as you do but you have some waking up to do yourself. So many people see themselves as awake when they are still brainwashed to believe all the big lies of society. When you get to the point where you totally lose faith in society to ever tell you the truth about anything then you are red pilled. But as long as you believe their lies then you are not really red pilled at all. We are all brainwashed from birth to believe the lies and its extremely difficult to break that brainwashing. I consider myself an intelligent person and it took me a decade of examining 9-11 from every angle to come up with the truth that 99% of Americans will never realize. I am not trying to put myself above you but I am just saying that you have not broken your brainwashing. Its not easy.


  4. Greetings, I see where you linked to a page at the Goyim Gazette so just thought I'd stop by. There is indeed hope and from the looks of things it's coming soon! Check out our newest site Study up there, this is all going to end with a bang and you don't want to be on the wrong side when it happens. Peace, David Allender


  5. I do not know where I posted a link to the Goyim Gazette but what I have discovered is that many supposed Anti Jewish or Anti Zionist web sites are actually controlled opposition fronts run by Jews as I expose in this post: do not know specifically about the Goyim Gazette but you should be aware that it could be a disinformation web site. In a deceptive Jewish world you have to look every gift horse in the mouth. Capiche? I will look at the 5Truths link but I am very discriminating in what I accept to be truth. I have been deceived a million times and I am very wary of being deceived by alleged truth tellers. Of course I can still be deceived but I am aware that most alleged truthers are disinformation agents. I am just letting you know that up front that I have very little trust of others.


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